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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Practical Centrists...

Sheldon Whitehouse: "Wait til we start digging out WHO the $18 million donor was...Follow the money"

Double-layered deception? Who tries that hard to hide? Not anyone up to any good.

We need to keep digging — “follow the money.” And look how touchy #Republicans were about this!!

They forced a vote on whether the subject of FACT secret funding was in order, as soon as it was first mentioned.

Double-layer identity hiding and frantic #Republican efforts to stop the questioning—looks like we’re on to something.

Wait til we start digging out who the $18 Million donor was to the @judicialnetwork to stop Garland and get Gorsuch on the Court.

Follow the money...This ain’t over.


Beto O'Rourke to speak in El Pas Same Monday Night as Trump (crowd estimates anyone?)

Inbox: Beto O'Rourke will be speaking at a celebration of El Paso Monday night around the same time Trump is holding a campaign rally in El Paso.


6-yr-old Texas girl with cancer fulfills wish to become a police officer

"I have cancer. The bad guys are in my lungs," the six-year-old from Texas told ABC News.

Abigail has Wilms Tumours, a form of cancer that starts in the kidneys. Her family were recently told her cancer is terminal.

In December, she met Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey, and the pair struck up an instant friendship.

Abigail confided in Mr Garivey that she has always wanted to be a police officer. This week Abigail's dream came true.

Wearing a specially made uniform, and standing on a stepladder, she was sworn in as an honorary officer of the Freeport Police Department.


Whistle Blower in October: MBS is obsessed with WAPO & was preparing plans to target its employees


Here's a thread about the @JeffBezos hack, AMI, and the Saudi connection. Also what ties this together - The @washingtonpost. Apologies in advance, I wrote this in a rush, but thought I'd rather post it now than not post it.

At this point I need to mention something I never mentioned publicly before. In a conversation with a Saudi whistle blower in mid October, said whistle blower told me that MBS is obsessed with the Washington Post and was preparing plans to target its employees.

He mentioned, by name, @JacksonDiehl and @KarenAttiah. I have the chat log.

"He won't target them physically", he said, but rather, the preferred method is to expose either sexual or financial scandals. He insisted The Washington Post are at the top of MBS's enemies list. This is why this is what immediately jumped to my mind when the Bezos story broke.

Bezos hints to a deeper motivation himself, when in his post he mentions the WaPost/Khashoggi connection:

From this thread:

Ex-Enquirer Editor: Bezos Story Was 'Means Of Kissing And Making Up With' Trump

A former senior editor for the National Enquirer said Friday that he believes the tabloid’s story on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ infidelity was a way for the publishing company’s chief executive to make amends with President Trump.

Jerry George, who previous worked as Los Angeles bureau chief and a senior editor for the Enquirer, told CNBC that there was “somewhat of a falling out” between American Media Inc. CEO David Pecker and Trump after AMI reached a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors over the company’s decision to “catch and kill” Karen McDougal’s story about an alleged affair with Trump.

“The Bezos divorce ordinarily wouldn’t have been registered on the Enquirer Richter scale other than he is the archenemy of President Trump,” George told CNBC. “So after the Mueller investigation and after AMI became involved in the investigation, there was somewhat of a falling out. I think American Media and David Pecker tried to make amends and brought this divorce story to the President as a means of kissing and making up.”

Bezos published an extraordinary blog post Thursday in which he accused AMI of “blackmail and extortion,” claiming the publishing company threatened to expose additional intimate text messages between Bezos and his mistress if the Amazon exec wouldn’t drop his investigation into how the publisher obtained the images.


‘It Will All Come Out Now’: CNN Source Expects More Enquirer Blackmail To Surface

A source familiar with the National Enquirer’s operations told CNN that Jeff Bezos’s explosive allegation of blackmail will lead to further exposure of similar threats made by the tabloid in the past.

“It will all come out now,” the source told CNN.

Indeed several reporters, including Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow, have alleged similar blackmail attempts since Bezos published a blog post exposing emails between himself and National Enquirer leadership threatening to publish unseemly photos of him if he didn’t back off his investigation of the tabloid.



VANITY FAIR: "Trump is hated by everyone inside the White House."

Mulvaney, Kudlow, Shine unhappy, eyeing exits.
“Trump is hated by everyone inside the White House.


But while the State of the Union adjusted the president’s mood, it wasn’t enough to re-align the underlying dysfunction of the West Wing. Morale inside the White House, never high to begin with, has turned particularly bleak, according to interviews with 10 former West Wing officials and Republicans close to the president. The issue is that many see Trump himself as the problem. “Trump is hated by everyone inside the White House,” a former West Wing official told me. His shambolic management style, paranoia, and pattern of blaming staff for problems of his own making have left senior White House officials burned out and resentful, sources said. “It’s total misery. People feel trapped,” a former official said. “Trump always needs someone to blame,” a second former official said. Sources said the leak of Trump’s private schedules to Axios—which revealed how little work Trump actually does—was a signal of how disaffected his staff has become


What’s driving a lot of the frustration is that Trump, now more than ever, runs the West Wing as a family business. Four sources said the only White House advisers he truly consults are daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. “This is a family affair, and if you’re not in the family, you’ve got problems,” a former official said. The special privileges and access afforded to Kushner and Ivanka have been alienating Trump’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney. “Mick is not entirely thrilled with the family,” a Republican close to Mulvaney told me. Multiple sources said Mulvaney is looking for a way out of the West Wing. He’s said to be interested in a Cabinet position, either at the Commerce Department or Treasury, and he’s reportedly been pursuing the University of South Carolina presidency. A senior White House official recently lobbied a friend of Mulvaney’s to convince Mulvaney to stay.



Damn! Trump's inaugural was paying @realDonaldTrump's Hotel $175,000 PER DAY for event space.

Scoop from @JustinElliott & WNYC's @ilyamarritz -- who've found:

1. The Trump inauguration paid the Trump hotel an "egregious" amount of $$.

2. The deal may violate the law against self-dealing.

The Trump inaugural appears to have overpaid for space at Trump’s Washington hotel, a possible violation of the law. Federal prosecutors are probing the festivities.

Federal prosecutors in New York are circling Donald Trump’s inaugural committee as part of a wide-ranging investigation into possible money laundering, illegal contributions and cash-for-access schemes. Now, WNYC and ProPublica have identified evidence of potential tax law violations by the committee.

A spokesman confirmed that the nonprofit 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee paid the Trump International Hotel a rate of $175,000 per day for event space — in spite of internal objections at the time that the rate was far too high. If the committee is deemed by auditors or prosecutors to have paid an above-market rate, that could violate tax laws prohibiting self-dealing, according to experts.

Tax law prohibits nonprofits from paying inflated prices to entities that are owned by people who also control or influence the nonprofit’s activities.

“Every legitimate nonprofit is very concerned with this,” said Doug White, a veteran adviser to tax exempt organizations, speaking generally. “You’re benefiting a private person, and you’re using the nonprofit to do it.”




What a testament! A reader comment at WAPO about Rep. John Dingell

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