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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 63,264

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"It was like somebody turned on the black light & we were surrounded by filth of our own ideology"

Brandi Carlile

“[After the election] it was like somebody turned on the black light and we were surrounded by the filth of our own ideology and our own complacency,” Carlile says. “That’s when I realised I was part of the problem. To not squander the opportunity I’ve been given is an evolution. If somebody believes I’m wrong, I want them to say it so we can engage. Big inclusive sentiments are a salve. They’re not appropriate.”

Great article:

Trump 'directly involved' in alleged blackmail scheme against Jeff Bezos: Amazon expert

Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and an Amazon expert, told MSNBC on Friday why he thinks President Donald Trump is involved in the National Enquirer’s alleged blackmail of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Host Stephanie Ruhle asked Galloway to elaborate on his statement from Thursday night, in which he said Trump was probably “directly involved” because the president “never misses opportunity to mock enemies… Also he is petty, immature and terrible role model for youth.”

“A key tell among law enforcement officials is when someone is driving 45 miles an hour in the fast lane, that they’re hiding something,” Galloway explained. “The president’s silence on this is eerie.”

“He tweeted about Bezos calling him ‘Bozo’ January 4th — but this is someone who never misses an opportunity to mock someone he perceives as an adversary via Twitter and he hasn’t said anything and I think that’s — that’s a tell here”

“And like with a Facebook hack or any scandal involving the president, the only thing we know for sure is that it’s almost worser, always worse than we originally thought. I think this is going to be one of the biggest stories of 2019 and there are several cards still to be turned over here.”

“Put another way: The president and [American Media Inc.] are both acting like guilty parties right now,” Galloway added.


Dems have PROOF-Whitaker "failed to return 1000s of dollars to victims of alleged scam"

Chairmen Cummings, Nadler, Pallone, and Schiff tell Matthew Whitaker that they have new records indicating that "he failed to return thousands of dollars that would have been distributed to the victims of [World Patent Marketing's] alleged scam.

PDF Letter Here:

McConnell: Hypocritical Deranged Bigot.


As I’ve said time and time again: Mindless obstruction is unacceptable.
The only way this divided Congress will be able to choose greatness and deliver significant legislation is by focusing on -- as President Trump put it -- “cooperation, compromise, and the common good.”


Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland


State of the Union...Points of View...(Australian Toon, graphic)


El Paso

Go to Hell Trump

My father, my maternal grandmother & great grandfather were all from El Paso

As the Trump campaign announces a rally in El Paso next week, a reminder of what El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles said to NBC in response to Trump's State of the Union last night.


"The State of the Union"

The face you make when you're 12 hrs away from releasing transcript Mueller needs to indict Jr.


Joshua Trump, 11, wakes up a celebrity after dozing off during presidential address

Boy named Trump who fell asleep during State of the Union hailed a hero

An 11-year-old boy called Joshua Trump who was invited by his presidential namesake to his State of the Union speech fell asleep and has been hailed as a hero of the anti-Trump resistance.

Joshua Trump, a middle-school student from Delaware, was invited to the delayed event by Melania Trump. He dropped out of school after being bullied because of his last name.

As cameras panned to the audience, the boy could be seen napping while Donald Trump renewed his promise to build a US-Mexico border and declared illegal immigration “an urgent national crisis”.


What a photo!


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