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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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The Department of Homeland Security sent out a tweet yesterday...

“If You See Something, Say Something™” materials will be visible during tonight's @MLB All Star Game


How Conservative Media Killed A Charity's Plan To Help Migrant Children

How Conservative Media Killed A Charity's Plan To Help Migrant Children In Crisis

A Texas charity has abandoned a plan to help house child migrants after conservative media outlets used misleading images to suggest displaced children would be living there in luxury conditions. In fact, the same charity operates other no-frills facilities and had planned to convert a hotel in a similar style.

Conservative media have promoted multiple conspiracy theories connected to the humanitarian migration crisis, including the accusation that President Obama "planned" the recent surge of child migrants across the border for political reasons, that migrant children are infecting Americans with rare diseases, and that Obama is allowing violent gang members to cross the border.

The charity, BCFS Health and Human Services, received a federal contract to house the children at the current site of the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Weslaco, Texas. In an interview with local TV station KRGV, BCFS officials said the facility would undergo a renovation to create a dormitory-style atmosphere at the facility.

The plans for the new facility had called for 600 beds for children between the ages of 12 and 17. BCFS would have taken the children from Border Patrol custody and housed them for an average of 15 days. The group also operates a facility in Harlingen, Texas, and a temporary facility at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.


COWARD: Darrell Issa Abruptly Ends Hearing Before Witness Can Debunk His White House Attacks

Darrell Issa Abruptly Ends Hearing Before Witness Can Debunk His White House Attacks


So what happened?

A Cummings aide said he had no warning the hearing would be cut off before anyone could testify, and said there was no reason for doing so.

A request for comment from Issa's office was not returned.

But two things were apparent to those following the hearing: First, Issa began the hearing irritated that the White House had dismissed his subpoena to compel Obama's political office director, David Simas, to testify. He called it "deeply disturbing" that White House counsel Neil Eggleston said Simas was immune from a congressional subpoena. Second, and perhaps more tellingly, Issa may have wanted to prevent Lerner from testifying since, based on the written testimony she provided ahead of the hearing, she was planning to say the White House Office of Political Strategy and Outreach had done nothing inappropriate, which contradicted Issa's claims leading up to the hearing.

Lerner's shop is charged with enforcing the federal Hatch Act's prohibitions against federal employees engaging in political activity, which makes her the go-to person in the event of allegations of wrongdoing by the White House political office. She was prepared to tell the committee she did her homework and found nothing wrong.



"These kids have been brought up in a culture of thievery. A culture of murder, of rape."

During an interview with a radio station in Ocala, Florida Representative Rich Nugent (R) said we shouldn’t be fooled by the children coming across the border; some of them may be rapists:

"These kids have been brought up in a culture of thievery. A culture of murder, of rape. And now we are going to infuse them into the American culture. It’s just ludicrous.”

You’re telling me we’re going to take children raised in a culture of rape and murder and then sling an AR15 over their shoulder and hand them a Gadsden flag?

You’re right, that’s a bad idea. Unfortunately I just described an alarming number of American children.

I just described Open Carry Texas, a group of manchildren who hold an event called the “Mad Minute” where they fire as many rounds as they can into a mannequin that resembles a woman with her pants pulled down to her ankles. A group raised in a culture of rape and murder.

You know, wholesome American culture.


BLEEDING KANSAS - By Charles P. Pierce

By Charles P. Pierce on July 16, 2014


"The left has targeted Sam," Santorum said. "The New York Times has no idea where Kansas is, but they've written several articles hammering Sam Brownback, because Sam is a descendant of the American Revolution...This man (Brownback) loves this country and cherishes the principles and believes those principles can work, not just in Kansas, but can work to help rebirth a great civilization in America," said Santorum, who served with Brownback in the U.S. Senate. "And he came back to Kansas because he believes like I do that Washington isn't solving a whole lot of problems these days, but Kansas can. Kansas can - it can do the things that Sam has done - cut government, cut taxes, support small businesses and the family, the building block of our civilization."

Kansas can't do that because Kansas is fcking broke, because Sam Brownback's career is to supply-side economics what Marshall Applewhite was to the Hale-Bopp comet. Even allegedly moderate Kansas Republicans are saying that. And Santorum's ripping the NYT for being out of touch with the place?

But I do have to take issue with something The Rude One said in his post.

In Wichita, Santorum spoke at a movie theater after a benefit showing of Knute Rockne: All American. The 1940 film has fuck-all to do with Kansas and everyone pretty much dies in it, but it features the terrible acting of Ronald Reagan and was the flick that gave him his "Gipper" nickname. So, yeah, Reagan, motherfuckers, Reagan. Brownback is like Reagan, see, in that Reagan only ever cut taxes, except when Reagan was raising them.

In fact, Kansas had a great deal to do with the film in question. Kansas is central to the entire finale. On March 31, 1931, the plane carrying Rockne went down in a Kansas pasture. So, I would argue that Rockne's film biography was the perfect choice as a fundraising vehicle for Sam Brownback, as he goes down in flames, in Kansas.


Don't Honor Torture

National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Chapter Launches Petition Against Honoring John Yoo

We feel that the UC Berkeley School of Law, as one of the leading law schools in the country, has an obligation to uphold ethical legal standards. Yet by maintaining and honoring John Yoo, the law school is undermining its own ethical, political, and legal reputation. Bestowing this honor sends the message that the UC Berkeley School of Law is condoning and promoting policies violating the most fundamental constitutional and human rights. That, in itself, broadens the negative effect Yoo’s jurisprudence has had in the legal and political world. But it also furthers the hostile and unsafe environment on campus for students identifying themselves as political dissidents and/or religious and cultural minorities disproportionately and unfairly targeted in the “War on Terror.”


“Gaza … is a maximum-security facility. It is difficult to visit and impossible to leave."

Quote For The Day (Cold-hearted truths)
JUL 16 2014 @ 1:15PM

“Gaza … is a maximum-security facility. It is difficult to visit and impossible to leave. We allow in essential food, water, and electricity so that the prisoners don’t die. Apart from that, we don’t really care about them—that is unless they approach the prison fence, or the “forbidden” perimeter, where anyone who wanders too close is shot, or if they try to throw something over the fence. Indeed, they occasionally throw some homemade bombs made of things they’ve managed to smuggle into prison, and when they fall on our heads, it is really unpleasant. So we send our snipers to the watchtowers built around the prison and shoot them like fish in a barrel until they calm down. And when they finally do calm down, we cease firing because we are not the kind of bastards who shoot people for fun,” – Noam Sheizaf.


KWASMAN's "Children In Buses With Fear In Their Faces" Were Actually Laughing-Taking Pics On IPhones


KWASMAN: I was able to actually see some of the children in the buses, and the fear in their faces ... this is not compassion.

REPORTER: That fear on the faces of migrant children Kwasman told me he saw in Oracle. There's just one problem. Those weren't migrant children on the yellow school bus. They were YMCA campers from the Marana school district.

REPORTER: Do you know that was a bus with YMCA kids?

KWASMAN: That's ... they were sad too!

REPORTER: (Reporters on the scene saw the children laughing and taking pictures on their iPhones.)

KWASMAN: I apologize, I didn't know. I was leaving when I saw them.


Kwasman later deleted his tweet, but not before it was recorded by Politwoops:


So I still have the Tibetan prayer rugs. Dang

from this a.m.'s FB
peace, kp

Dick Cheney Says Iraq Was Stable When He Left Office...

Dick Cheney: 'Obama Worst President Of His Lifetime,' Says Iraq Was Stable When He Left Office

The Iraq That Dick Cheney Actually Left Behind

Former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on CNN on Tuesday, once more claiming that the Iraq his administration left behind was a “very stable” one. In actuality, on the waning days of the Bush administration, Iraq was still a highly violent place, with car bombs exploding and government officials targeted.

“I think when we left office, we had in Iraq a very stable situation,” Cheney told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “We’d put together a program with a surge the a decision the president made and by the time we left office, Iraq was in good shape.”


Contrary to his claims, the Iraq that Cheney and the rest of the administration parted with was not one that was in good shape. During the Iraq War, McClatchy’s Washington Bureau ran a daily round-up of violence that had taken place in the country. While stressing that it was not a comprehensive list, on January 18, 2009 — two days before the Obama administration took office — at least six roadside bombs were detonated in Iraq, five in Baghdad and another in Mosul. Nineteen people were wounded in those explosions.

The next day, the last day in office of Vice President Cheney, saw another five roadsides bombs detonated. Three were in Baghdad, the other two in Mosul, with the combined explosions killing one — a captain in the Ministry of the the Interior — and wounding another 18.


Contractors Reap $138 Billion from Iraq War, Cheney’s Halliburton #1 with $39.5 Billion
In News on April 8, 2013 at 10:19 PM




I suppose the Dick expects a thank you.....

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