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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Climate March - AMAZING SIGNS!


Wash Post reporter: Trump asked us to run electoral map on front page

A Washington Post reporter says President Trump asked the newspaper to run the 2016 electoral map on the front page to mark his 100th day in office.

The Post's White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker on Friday said that Trump pulled out a copy of the map during an interview this week and asked for it to be included on the front page alongside the interview story.

"He brought out the map, he said, 'Aren't you impressed by this map?' " Rucker told MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

"He encouraged me to take it home to my colleagues at the Washington Post and try to run it on the front page of our newspaper. I think he was sort of playing there, but it speaks to the pride that he has in that map."


Rob Reiner: Man who's head of our country is pathological liar & everybody around him is lying


This is the key point. This President is illegitimate.


They were notified twice. Once by the Justice Dept. Once by Elijah Cummings. In writing. Guess who they told. Pence.
Here is the letter. Dated in November To Pence.

I feel kind of dumb Trump voter admits being bamboozled by candidates progressive-ish rhetoric

‘I feel kind of dumb, honestly’: Trump voter admits being ‘bamboozled’ by candidate’s ‘progressive-ish’ rhetoric

..........DeFrain says he now regrets his vote.

“I feel like I was bamboozled. I really do,” DeFrain . “Jeez, he fooled me, and I kinda feel dumb. I feel mad and I kinda feel dumb, honestly.”

According to DeFrain, Trump’s presidential pitch sounded, “Progressive-ish.”

“He was really open, willing to work with both sides of the fence
,” DeFrain continued.”Then more Russian stuff started piling up, he’s saying he’s being wire-tapped, he’s on Twitter says this about this person….”

For DeFrain, the real deal-breaker was Trump’s missile attack on Syria and his saber-rattling at North Korea


Our country is a parody of a democracy, our leader a parody of a president. We live in a nightmare.

‘We live in a nightmare’: How Trump turned America upside down in 100 days
Neal Gabler, Moyers & Company NEAL GABLER, MOYERS & COMPANY


”We used to be bolted to certain verities. We used to agree on the idea of truth, the verifiability of facts, even if we disagreed on what constituted each. We used to agree on the basis of morality, even when we disagreed about particulars. We knew that groping women, leering at little girls, lying, stealing, bullying, hurting people whose only crime was powerlessness — we knew these things were wrong, and we gave them our opprobrium. Our society could not have existed without this general consensus.

Now Donald Trump has blown the bolts off the verities that anchored us. And in doing so, he performed his inversion, elevating lies over facts and bluster over moral values. That is a lot to accomplish in 100 days — to shatter not only what made us proud Americans, but what also made us human.”


“The world may be broken, but there are thankfully plenty of people who are intact and who know what truth, facts and morality are.

Which leaves us with this: God isn’t kidding. Our country is a parody of a democracy, our leader a parody of a president. We live in a nightmare. Nothing is the way it was. Trump only wins, though, if he and his cohorts manage to normalize this abnormality, to make the Orwellian seem commonplace. I think he may have already done so. Tens of millions of good Americans seem to think he hasn’t. I hope and pray they are right.”


SLATE: Who had the better first 100 days: William Henry Harrison, who died, or Trump?


Who had the better first 100 days?

Trump’s first three months have been marked by the failure of major initiatives, an embarrassing public obsession with indefensible allegations against Obama, and historically low approval ratings. Harrison had a promising few weeks and then died, which is bad, but also precluded the possibility that he’d screw anything up as badly as Trump has screwed up the Obamacare repeal. Harrison did defend slavery, which is unforgivable; on the other hand, Trump regularly retweets white supremacists and doesn’t seem to know who Frederick Douglass was. The victory thus goes to Harrison.

Harrison, as it happens, was the scion of a wealthy coastal family who’d received an elite education and lived in luxury but was sold to supporters, during his campaign, as a rough-hewn straight-talker who emblemized the values of the rural common man. Stupid 1800s voters! We’d never fall for something like that again!

Comprehensive - Week by Week Comparison HERE:

"Feels Like 100 YEARS"

TRUMPCARE updated in 1 place:


New Yorker: First 100 Days

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