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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 55,322

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Takei re: "the cover up"

Trump was just reminded by his lawyers that the cover up is often far worse than even the natural color.


The sound of the US-led liberal international order being shattered

Merkel: We can't rely on the US anymore.
I have experienced this in the last days. We Europeans should take destiny in our own hands.





if only...

Sr EU Official: "there's a new strange kid in the class nobody likes"

While he avoided any major gaffes or serious diplomatic breaches, Trump’s lack of rapport with European leaders raises serious questions about his ability to effectively team up with critical U.S. allies.

“Like when there's a new strange kid in the class nobody likes,” said a senior EU official who was briefed on the closed NATO meetings in Brussels. “You behave civilly when teachers (media] watch but don't spend time with him in private because he's so different.”


A blessed papal subtweet of our unwell President



Trump now getting sued by one of those people who acted Violently on his behalf...



Dmitry Popkov, a Russian journalist who reported on corruption and abuse of power, has been murdered

Dmitry Popkov, a Russian journalist who reported on corruption and abuse of power, was just murdered.



WaPo: "people" behind NYT's "it's about Syria" - refused to be identified as speaking for Kushner

WaPo editor says the "people" behind NYT's "it's about Syria" story refused to be identified as speaking for Kushner.

IMPORTANT: NYT reporting that Kushner wanted backchannel with Russia to discuss "Syria" came from Kushner's people. It's his spin.



I just had to share:


Hannity To Be Fired From FOX

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