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I'm old enough to remember this well. Why are the rules different for Trump?


Trump: Family separations we all read about & witnessed with our own eyes Never Happened

He falsely claimed he "inherited" family separation from Obama.

He falsely claimed Hispanics were losing wealth under Obama.

He falsely claimed he has 50% Hispanic approval.

My fact-check of Trump's dishonest first interview with Spanish-language TV:


Trump is now asserting that the family separations that we all read about in thousands of news reports and witnessed with our own eyes never happened.


Shouldn't Trump have asked about possible death toll earlier than 10 minutes before the strike?

Shouldn't the president have asked about the possible death toll earlier than 10 minutes before the strike?https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1142062113571201026

Trump Confirms He Stopped Attack on Iran
June 21, 2019 at 9:21 am EDT By Taegan Goddard 35 Comments

President Trump confirmed that his administration had readied a series of strikes against Iran in response for shooting down an unmanned drone, but that he stopped it at the last moment.

Tweeted Trump: “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights [sic] when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone.”


"It was unclear why Mr. Trump would have been getting information about possible casualties so late in the process of launching military action. Such information is typically discussed early in the deliberations..."


"A New York Times reporter fed information about Jared Kushner meeting with Russians to the FBI

“A New York Times reporter fed information about Jared Kushner meeting with Russians to the FBI, newly released emails show,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“Journalist Michael Schmidt sent an email on March 24, 2017, to FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs Michael Kortan, stating that his colleagues were reporting on the FBI’s Russia investigation and had stumbled onto some information about President Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser.”

Said Schmidt: “Wanted to flag you on something. Three of my colleagues are working on a story about the Russia investigation. They’re told that Jared Kushner is among the individuals who the F.B.I. is scrutinizing for their meetings with Russians. My colleagues were told that Ambassador Kislyak, after meeting Kushner and General Flynn in early December at Trump Tower, set up a meeting with Kushner and a Russian banker. Kushner ultimately met with the Russian banker. The banker worked for Alpha Bank.”


NY Times Journos Rip Trump, Washington Examiner for Suggesting NYT Illegally Fed Info to FBI: ‘This is a Crap Story’


A Night at The Garden

80 years ago, New York hosted a chilling Nazi rally. N.J. director’s Oscar-nominated short film

Trump Admin argues in court-they are not required to give soap or toothbrushes to detained children

The Trump admin argued in court that the government is not required to give soap or toothbrushes to children apprehended at the border and can have them sleep on concrete floors in frigid, overcrowded cells, Courthouse News reports.


SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The Trump administration argued in front of a Ninth Circuit panel Tuesday that the government is not required to give soap or toothbrushes to children apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border and can have them sleep on concrete floors in frigid, overcrowded cells, despite a settlement agreement that requires detainees be kept in “safe and sanitary” facilities.

All three judges appeared incredulous during the hearing in San Francisco, in which the Trump administration challenged previous legal findings that it is violating a landmark class action settlement by mistreating undocumented immigrant children at U.S. detention facilities.

“You’re really going to stand up and tell us that being able to sleep isn’t a question of safe and sanitary conditions?'” U.S. Circuit Judge Marsha Berzon asked the Justice Department’s Sarah Fabian Tuesday.

U.S. Circuit Judge William Fletcher also questioned the government’s interpretation of the settlement agreement.

“Are you arguing seriously that you do not read the agreement as requiring you to do anything other than what I just described: cold all night long, lights on all night long, sleeping on concrete and you’ve got an aluminum foil blanket?” Fletcher asked Fabian. “I find that inconceivable that the government would say that that is safe and sanitary.”




Cartoon: Trump welcomes Russian troops into USA


This is magnificent: MP calls Boris Johnson a racist.

This is magnificent. @IanBlackfordMP calls Boris Johnson a racist. Speaker warns him its inappropriate & asks him to withdraw. Blackford refuses: ‘He’s called Muslim women letterboxes..if that not racist I don’t know what is.’

Worth watching:

BREAKING: Judge Wants Another Crack At Census Case After Revelation Of New Evidence


The new evidence being put forward by the challengers were in files found on the back-up hard drives of a now-deceased GOP gerrymandering guru. The files suggested he was more involved in the Trump’s administration’s census change than originally thought. Among them was also a secret study the consultant, Thomas Hofeller, did in 2015 that said adding a citizenship question to the census would be necessary for the GOP to overhaul redistricting in a way that would boost Republicans and non-Hispanic whites to the detriment of Democrats.

Hazel’s order Wednesday was brief and did not say what next steps would be taken if the appeals court sent the case back down to him. He indicated he will issue a longer opinion explaining his decision at a later date.

Hazel had previously ruled that the administration’s move to add the question violated administrative law and was also a violation of the Constitution’s Enumeration Clause, because it would harm the accuracy of the census. The administration had appealed those two findings, while one of the groups challenging the question in Maryland had appealed his ruling that the question was not a violation of the equal protection clause.

“Judge Hazel’s ruling is a confirmation that the evidence we have submitted raises a substantial question as to the intentionally discriminatory actions of this administration,” said Denise Hulett, an attorney with group MALDEF, which challenged the question. “The evidence shows an undeniable conspiracy between this administration and others outside the government to jeopardize the accuracy of the census for partisan gain at the expense of Latinos and non citizens of color.”


Kellyanne Conway takes selfie with Proud Boy wearing "Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong" t-shirt

The Counselor to the President of the United States took a selfie this weekend with a young man wearing a "Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong" t-shirt.

Pinochet executed as many as 3,200 leftists and interned and tortured 80,000 more.


* On his 91st birthday on November 25, 2006, Pinochet issued a statement accepting “political responsibility” for acts committed during his rule but said his only motive was to make Chile “a great place and prevent its disintegration.”


Life under Pinochet: “They were taking turns to electrocute us one after the other”

The first time Lelia Pérez felt the sear of a cattle prod it was at the hands of a Chilean soldier. She was a 16 year old high school student, used as a guinea pig to help Pinochet’s security services hone their skills in torture. They didn't even bother to ask any questions.

“They would teach them how to interrogate, how to apply the electricity, where and for how long. When they were torturing me, I went into my own world - it was as if I was looking down on myself - like it wasn’t happening to me. It was brutal,” she said.

On September 11, 1973, Augusto Pinochet seized power in Chile by force. In the days that followed his military coup, hundreds of people, were rounded up and taken to the two main sport stadiums in the capital, Santiago.

Lelia told Amnesty International how she was arrested along with 10 of her classmates and taken to the Estadio Chile (now called Victor Jara after the singer who was imprisoned there). There detainees were kept in the stands, with their hands tied, with soldiers constantly pointing machine guns at them.

“You would quickly loose sense of time as lights were constantly on. The only way we knew if it was day or night was by the food the guards were eating,” she said.

While they watched, special booths were constructed. It was in these that the worst of the torture took place. Lelia spent five days in Estadio Chile. Finally she was released with no explanation, pushed out onto the streets late at night.

“I was forced to wear the clothes of people we had seen being killed. There was a curfew and the few people around just walked away from us. The street was full of brothels and the sex workers took me in. They bathed me and gave me clothes. I went in the stadium as a 16-year-old and left as a 60-year-old.”

Those days of horror would only be the beginning of a long, incredible story that took Lelia through some of Pinochet’s darkest prisons. She was held in detention on three separate occasions over a two year period; each time abused and tortured by soldiers of the brutal Pinochet regime.

A country of terror When Lelia was released from the Estadio Chile, her country was almost unrecognizable. Pinochet had imposed a number of restrictions on his citizens and thousands of social activists, teachers, lawyers, trade unionists and students were being detained and held in dozens of clandestine centres across the country.

Undeterred by her experience, Lelia enroled in the Universidad Técnica del Estado, noted for its political activism, to study history.

But she paid a heavy price and her freedom was short lived.

One night in late October 1975, Pinochet’s political police knocked on her door once again. She and her boyfriend were arrested.

“They made me leave the house in handcuffs and they put me in a car. They put tape on my eyes and made me wear dark glasses. The tape was so I couldn’t see where they were taking me and the dark glasses, so people on the street wouldn’t know I had been taken.”

Behind closed doors The car drove around 30 minutes outside of downtown Santiago to Villa Grimaldi, an old colonial weekend house. It had been taken over by the DINA - Pinochet’s political police - as a centre of detention and torture.

“They took us to an interrogation room where they had a metal bunk-bed. There was another detainee on the top and my partner was tied to the side. They were interrogating all three of us at the same time, taking turns to electrocute us one after the other. The interrogation session lasted through the night to the next morning.”

In Villa Grimaldi detainees would be electrocuted, water boarded, had their heads forced into buckets of urine and excrement, suffocated with bags, hanged by their feet or hands and beaten. Many women were raped and for some detainees, punishment was death.

For detainees, the dark, damped cell they were held in was the only world that existed and, in time, a sense of community emerged.

“After an interrogation you would be thrown back your cell. They would shut the door and then first thing you would experience is someone coming closer, they would hold you, help you lie down, take the blindfold off, and put some water on your lips. The electric shocks would make you stream with sweat and you’d get extremely dehydrated - so very, very thirsty,”

It is estimated that 4,500 people crossed Villa Grimaldi’s doors. Many never made it out and of those, hundreds are still missing.

Lelia spent the best part of a year in Villa Grimaldi. She was then transferred to a labour camp where she was held for another 12 months before she was forced to leave the country in late 1976.

Over a decade later, when Pinochet was ousted after a general referendum, she returned to Chile and to Villa Grimaldi in an attempt to come to terms with the past. Now the colonial house is now a cultural centre for the local community.

“We have turned this place of destruction into one of construction. This house of torture and death has now become a space that promotes life.”

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