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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Wisconsin
Member since: Mon Sep 27, 2004, 12:21 AM
Number of posts: 15,155

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My elderly father will lose the right to vote in Wisconsin because of voter ID

My dad doesn't post here, but wanted me to relay his weeklong struggle to exercise his right to vote in Wisconsin.

He moved here from another state a few months ago and easily registered his car here, but was told that he could wait to renew his drivers license until it expired next year. He's on a very limited income so this appealed to him.

Then voter ID went through. He went to the city clerk to make sure he could still vote like he did in the Spring election, but was told he needed a Wisconsin ID. He gathered his SS card and the certified birth certificate from his non-WI birth state. It was fine to get a passport.

So last week he went to the "express" DMV 30 minutes from his home. They were apparently closed, even though he was there during business hours. He went back on Monday. Handwritten sign saying they were closed.

He went back today and was told he could not get a WI Drivers license there but had to go to the "big" DMV twenty minutes northeast.

So he drove there. And waited in another long line. He was told at the counter that they could not accept a certified copy of his birth certificate. It had to be original. He was born 1000 miles from here.

He was certain he had the original. Went all the way back home, found his original birth certificate from the 1930s. Drove back to the DMV. He was told that was a "hospital" original, not a state original. They would not give him a drivers license. They gave him the address if the records department in his birth state but it is unlikely he will get the certificate in time to be able to vote in Wisconsin.

This is an elderly man in good health with a car and time to drive to the DMV four times in a week. He lives here now and has already voted in Wisconsin. He has honorably served his country in our military. He has lived in the US and voted here in various states as he has moved a few times in his 8 decades.

And the GOP has denied him his right to vote next month.
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