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cali's Journal
cali's Journal
February 22, 2016

What happens to the democratic party if we lose in November?

I'm assuming, as I always have, that Hillary will be the nominee. Say she loses to Trump. Will there be any backlash against the party bigwigs that helped clear the field for her and shoved her relentlessly down the throats of democrats?

The corrupt DSW will be out? Who will replace her? The Clintons will be irrelevant. What will Obama's role be? Will a loss precipitate change in the party?

Who becomes the leader of the opposition in Congress? Does Pelosi stay on as minority leader?

February 22, 2016

So do you think hillary takes Florida against the talking yam?

Do you see hill taking Ohio with her rah rah tpp history? Do explain.

February 22, 2016

It's looking more and more like President Trump

As I've said from the beginning, Clinton will be the democratic nominee. But it seems more and more likely that trump will be the republican nominee.

It's a really poor matchup for dems. The kitchen sink has already been thrown at the asshole. Hell, he's even thrown it in his own face. He's still way ahead. He's still attracting a huge chunk of independent voters. He's a stah! And we live in a Hollywood celebrity obsessed culture. Being a celebrity lends credibility, amazingly enough.

Sure Clinton will pound experience. But the anti-establishment sentiment won't be converted by that. Donald Trump brings a lot of enthusiasm for him as a candidate, coupled with a lot of zeal to vote against Hillary.

Nothing is too low for trump. And while the Clinton machine does slimy well too, she doesn't do it as brazenly as trump.

Trump will easily win Florida. He will win Ohio where his anti-TPP rhetoric will resonate.

He stands a good shot at winning NH where Hillary just isn't liked or trusted and where far more republicans than dems turned out.

He will beat her in Iowa and Colorado.

Hill and the democratic establishment will deliver President Trump to us.

February 22, 2016

Politics ain't beanball say Hillary fans ad fucking nauseam

It's a nifty way of excusing any dirty trick out of the Clinton Brock led slime factories which, of course, take copious amounts of corporate and dark money.

You may not criticize any minority leader elected or not unless they support Bernie

If they support hill than, you are an ugly racist/xenophobe/hater if you offer even the mildest criticism. And that criticism will be twisted.

Politics ain't bean ball, you Bernie supporting tools. Only Bernie is supposed to be honorable and run a positive campaign. He promised and Hillary didn't. Politics ain't fucking bean ball. And dark money is fine, propaganda is fine, having a big chunk of resources directed at lying about Bernie is fine. Shows what a fighter Madame is!

Politics ain't beanball- unless Bernie is criticizing Hillary.

February 21, 2016

I'm beginning to see the gap as unbridgeable.

All the corporate and dark money flowing into Clinton coffers is fine with Clinton supporters. I don't know if they believe Hillary will do anything or not if she became president. The point is, I've had it with this shit, and hillary Clinton is neck deep in it.

I believe money, flowing into the parties and to politicians- big money, corporate money, dark money- is the most urgent problem we face. There is so much evidence piled up proving how corrupt our government is because of it. It's like the emperor's fucking non-existent new clothes. We have built a culture around pretending our government isn't really corrupt.

And trusting Hillary on this issue? The cognitive dissonance it takes to do that is beyond me. Just can't do it.

And I know Hillary supporters have a totally different perspective. I just don't think it adds up.

In short, we are talking different languages.

February 21, 2016

Why Hillary was so UNgracious in victory last night:

Bernie won the Hispanic vote. And that is despite the organized attacks on him by her campaign.

Simple as that

February 21, 2016

A bad sign: Turnout WAY down in Nevada compared to 2008. 3 in a row.

NH, Iowa and now Nevada. Meanwhile, republican turnout has been high.

All the happy talk about dems starting with 242 EVs is ridiculous. It appears to be mostly Hillary fans who think this election is so lock for dems. It is anything but, particularly with Hillary as nominee. She's the most potent GOTV tool the repubs could ever have, and bad for dem turnout.

February 21, 2016

Well, let's hope the Clinton camp plays as filthy in the general

as they have against Bernie. and that the MSM is as complicit. And that young people will vote for her in the numbers needed. Same for minority voters. And independents.

And you clintonites better fervently hope that she doesn't face Rubio or Kasich.

Her odds are much poorer in the general than you true believers think.

Obama was wrong.

She sure as hell isn't likable enough.

February 20, 2016

Harry Enten, 538: Woah on new entrance poll wave... Just woah

Woah on new entrance poll wave... Just woah. Still, not many people in the poll.


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