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Member since: Sun Oct 3, 2004, 08:23 AM
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Remember it. Bought a lot of issues, along with other music magazines, especially Rolling Stone. Did

not save any of them for very long.

God, we could easily get buried, physically buried, in magazines back then.

I typically bought or subscribed to music magazines, science fiction magazines (the old digest size magazines as well as Omni), Scientific American, Smithsonian, Newsweek, Prevention, usually at least one fashion magazine, and the New Yorker, and I'd usually save the magazine and book review sections from the Sunday NY Times, which I'd get delivered by a guy who drove to an airport in another city in the wee hours of Sunday mornings to get the papers there, then would deliver one to my door for $5 or $6 (this was nearly 40 years ago). As well as any odd magazines with articles or recipes that struck me as interesting.

Thought occasionally it would be nice to keep them if I had infinite room and a reliable index for all of them.
Posted by highplainsdem | Sun Sep 4, 2022, 01:26 AM (0 replies)
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