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Lake effect snow in full color, brought to you by Mother Nature, BEAUTIFUL !!

#LakeEffect #snow in full color, brought to you by Mother Nature, BEAUTIFUL !!


Usually I don't post weather stuff here but I thought many might like this

Ronan Farrow (New Yorker): "I can't speak to Buzzfeed's sourcing, but, for what it's worth...."

I can’t speak to Buzzfeed’s sourcing, but, for what it’s worth, I declined to run with parts of the narrative they conveyed based on a source central to the story repeatedly disputing the idea that Trump directly issued orders of that kind.



Note that the general thrust of Cohen lying to Congress “in accordance with” or “to support and advance” Trump’s agenda (per Cohen’s legal memo) is not in dispute. The source disputed the further, more specific idea that Trump issued—and memorialized—repeated direct instructions.


Aeromexico wins Troll of the Month award. Hands down.


If you can't see the video, refresh your page.

Greg Miller (WaPo): I'd never seen this footage before - Trump sending clenched-fist......

Greg Miller Retweeted Jennifer Hayden
I'd never seen this footage before - Trump sending clenched-fist solidarity signals to Putin at a G20 dinner.



Trump denies working for Russia, calls past FBI leaders 'known scoundrels'


By John Wagner and
Karoun Demirjian January 14 at 1:58 PM

President Trump on Monday flatly denied that he worked for Russia, and he called FBI officials who launched a counterintelligence investigation to determine whether he did “known scoundrels” and “dirty cops.”

Trump’s comments to reporters as he left the White House came in response to reports that an FBI investigation that was opened after Trump fired then-Director James B. Comey in May 2017 included a component to determine whether the president was seeking to help Russia.

“I never worked for Russia,” Trump said as he prepared to leave for an event in New Orleans, adding: “Not only did I never work for Russia, I think it’s a disgrace that you even asked that question because it’s a whole big fat hoax. It’s just a hoax.”

During a television appearance Saturday night, after the counterintelligence component of the Trump investigation was first reported by the New York Times, Trump called a question whether he had ever worked for Russia “insulting” but did not directly answer it.

Animated film to spotlight bear that served in WWII


A handout made available by the Polish Institute and Sikorski museum shows the brown bear Wojtek carrying a tree trunk in Castrocaro, Italy on March 22, 1945. PHOTO: AFP

WARSAW: During World War II, Wojciech Narebski and his fellow Polish servicemen had to lift crate after heavy metal crate of artillery. Fortunately for them, one of the soldiers had superhuman strength: Corporal Wojtek, a Syrian brown bear.

“When he saw that we were struggling, he’d want to help… He’d come over, grab a crate and carry it to the truck,” Narebski, now 93, told AFP of his days with Wojtek in the 22nd Artillery Supply Company.

This can be heavy work, even for a bear. When Wojtek got tired, he would simply stack one crate on top of the other, “which also helped us, because we didn’t have to lift the crate off the ground,” recounted the veteran who spent two and a half years with the friendly giant he considered a brother.

“Of course he got a reward. Honey, marmalade. That was his favourite.”

AFP video:

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, April 14th

I love GoT, so I'm a tad psyched. Carry on.


Return date revealed at the very end of this tease.

Game of Thrones final season starts on Sunday, April 14th on HBO


The date is revealed at the very end.

Fedex: your experiences and my recent story

Several weeks ago, I asked the kind people of the Lounge for suggestions on how to sell cemetery plots faster. You answered and I thank you.

As of yesterday, the plots are now sold! It was a much more difficult and lengthy process than I had anticipated, but at least my brother and I got them sold finally.

Now, the Fedex issue: long story short, to expedite the entire sales process, I had paperwork sent to Tallahassee for my brother to sign, and then he was to Fedex the completed paperwork to the funeral home.

The paperwork got to Tallahassee just fine, and my brother did his part. I gave him a pre-paid Fedex envelope to use, with a sticker with the funeral home address on it. He dropped it into a Fedex box in downtown Tallahassee, and, naive me, I thought it would go back to the funeral home quickly with no issues. Wrong. It never made it there.

In my entire life, I've only lost one piece of mail with the Postal Service. Now, Fedex has lost a piece of mail. Are they as reliable as the USPS or have I just been lucky ? Just curious, thanks.

'Strong Explosion' Tears Through Paris Bakery, Injuring Several People

Source: New York Times

PARIS — An large explosion tore through a bakery in central Paris on Saturday morning, leaving smoke and flames and scattered debris in its wake and injuring several people, the authorities said.

The authorities said the blast was believed to have been tied to a gas leak.

The Paris police prefecture said on Twitter that a fire initially started in a shop on Rue de Trévise that was then hit by a “strong explosion.” About 200 firefighters battled the blaze, and photos on social media showed firefighters helping people down a ladder after the blast.

About 100 police officers were sent to the scene.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/12/world/europe/france-paris-explosion.html
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