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Video from "fact" on Twitter: "Biden President: He's not a whiny b***h"

(exposes Trump's lying about the ramp incident and compares him with the same ramp walked up by Joe Biden in 2016)


Fired DoH scientist: "DOH stopped reporting the number of people tested in late May, right after..."

DOH stopped reporting the number of people tested in late May, right after I was fired, to try to hide the real numbers and restrict the data to total tests, which includes every negative re-test a person gets, but only the first positive test.



Her Twitter (Rebekah Jones), of course: https://twitter.com/GeoRebekah

Her Florida COVID-19 dashboard: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/7572b118dc3c48d885d1c643c195314e/

Unemployment in metro Orlando jumps to 22.6% in May, the worst in Florida


Unemployment in metro Orlando rose to 22.6% in May and 14.5% statewide, dashing hopes that jobless numbers would go down as businesses began to reopen and some people returned to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The unemployment rate in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area, home to theme park giants and countless attractions and hotels that for months have been closed to tourists, was the highest in the state, according to numbers released Friday by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. It rivals joblessness during the worst times of the Great Depression when unemployment was 24.9%. (bolding mine)

Orlando was the only metropolitan area in the state that saw more jobs lost since April, when the area’s unemployment hit 16.2%. In all, the region lost 57,200 jobs in that time.

It’s a significant jump from 13.8% state unemployment in April, which was revised from the previously reported 12.9%. Some had hoped that would be the peak of joblessness during the virus outbreak.

*end of excerpt*

This sad statistic will help put the nail in Trump's coffin, hopefully.

Miami Herald editorial: "If you live in Miami and won't wear a mask, you're just an ignorant fool"

(yes that is the actual headline)


Sorry, but people who don’t wear masks are endangering all of us.

Are they so self-absorbed that it doesn’t matter to them?

Several studies have confirmed that wearing the right mask significantly cuts the coronavirus transmission rate. It is simply everyone’s responsibility to protect each other. It’s the same as reporting suspected child abuse, or a drunk driver careening down the expressway.

We know that South Floridians just want their old lives back. That day will come far sooner if they just put on their damn masks.

this info is relevant: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article243631342.html

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said he won’t revive old business restrictions to fight worsening COVID numbers but will order county police to crack down with stricter enforcement.

“We’re not going back,” Gimenez said in a video address Thursday, his second in two days as coronavirus statistics continue to worsen in Miami-Dade. “We are going to get tough.”

The statement was the latest effort by the mayor to blunt Miami-Dade’s worsening coronavirus numbers with a call for residents and business owners to follow emergency rules crafted by his administration to reopen much of the economy during the coronavirus pandemic.

After four weeks of businesses operating under the county’s detailed restrictions on capacity, social distancing and mask requirements, the statistics show a reversal in the COVID-19 statistics the mayor had tied to reopening.

This bomb sniffing good boy got a reward after his final sniff before retirement.

This bomb sniffing good boy got a reward after his final sniff before retirement.

Dogs, bruh...


Masks mandatory in Orange County starting Saturday


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County mayor Jerry Demings has signed an executive order that makes it mandatory for people in the county to wear facial coverings starting Saturday.

The mandatory order to wear face masks will be in place until further notice.

Anyone who is working, living, visiting or doing business in Orange County will need to wear facial coverings consistent to CDC guidelines in public spaces.

"The executive order is in the best interest in businesses, especially bars and restaurants. I'll tell you, we do not want to experience another shutdown in our community," Demings said.

Demings also called the executive order a measured approach. He said if the trend of coronavirus cases continues to increase, as well as an increase of hospitalizations, the county will take further measures.

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 Case Surveillance -- United States, January 22-May 30, 2020


Many interesting statistics in here. Be sure to view the tables at less than 100%, because they cannot be viewed easily or at all at 100%. Set your viewer (browser) at 75% or so.

eta: For example, Table 3: The death rates for people 60 - 69 who are healthy who contract COVID-19: 6.7%; Death rate for same age bracket for those with underlying health conditions: 16.7%

Monument to the cat Panteleimon


Very interesting is the history of this monument. The gray Persian cat Panteleimon, who lived in a restaurant opposite the Golden Gate, became the prototype of the statue. Kotik was a favorite not only of restaurant workers, but also of visitors - Pantyusha was always a hospitable host and cared for every guest of the establishment, not allowing himself to rest until he checked whether everyone was comfortable at the table. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the restaurant and the cat died, suffocating in the smoke. After a while, a monument to the famous animal was erected near the entrance to the same restaurant. The original version of the sculptural composition was together with the bird, but after several attempts of tourists to take with them a piece of Kiev as a part of the monument, Panteleimon remained there alone. Pantyusha is still a favorite to this day, but now not only guests of the restaurant, but tourists from all over the world. Hold on to the tail and rub the ears of the cat became a good tradition during photography near the sculpture.

Tombili was a local celebrity cat from Istanbul famous for his very relaxed posture.....

Tombili was a local celebrity cat from Istanbul famous for his very relaxed posture. When he passed, locals erected a statue in his honor.

Note: further down in the Twitter thread, the author admits he got it wrong, Tombili was female.


After Pearl Harbor 1941, FDR refused suggestions to surround the White House with light tanks.....

After Pearl Harbor 1941, FDR refused suggestions to surround the White House with light tanks because it might look as if our democracy was under siege:


The cowardly sociopath Trump is now erecting fencing.


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