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All Aboard Hello Kitty: Pink Bullet Train Debuts in Japan



TOKYO (AP) — A Hello Kitty-themed “shinkansen” bullet train has debuted in Japan. Adorned with the cartoon icon inside and out, it’s a dream ride for fans of the internationally popular character.

The special shinkansen had its inaugural round trip Saturday between Osaka and Fukuoka, connecting Japan’s west and south. It will run through September.

The stylish, eight-car train is painted pink and white, showcasing Hello Kitty images and trademark ribbons from flooring to seat covers and windows.

In one car, a life-size Hello Kitty doll donning a train crew uniform and a hat — decorated with a pink bow, of course — greets passengers, offering a chance for selfies.

I don't know what my cat has had to deal with today, but apparently it's been rough....

I don't know what my cat has had to deal with today, but apparently it's been rough

There, there, kitty


At one point, (Trump) asked Macron, "Why don't you leave the E.U.?"


During a private meeting at the White House in late April, Trump was discussing trade with French President Emmanuel Macron. At one point, he asked Macron, “Why don’t you leave the E.U.?” and said that if France exited the union, Trump would offer it a bilateral trade deal with better terms than the E.U. as a whole gets from the United States, according to two European officials. The White House did not dispute the officials’ account, but declined to comment.

eta: As if this wasn't bad enough, here's more:

Other reports note that Trump recently told Group of Seven leaders that “NATO is as bad as NAFTA,” suggested to the Swedish prime minister that America should leave the NATO alliance , and launched gratuitous public attacks on German Chancellor Angela Merkel at her weakest moment. It’s a deepening trend that leads to an unavoidable conclusion: Trump doesn’t believe in the continued sanctity of the European Union and NATO, as well as the United States’ commitment to both.

White House 'scrambling' to find out why Trump called back prankster from Air Force One


The White House is “scrambling” to find out why President Donald Trump called podcast host and former Howard Stern sidekick John Melendez, better known as Stuttering John, from aboard Air Force One.

Politico White House correspondent Annie Karni reported Friday that the White House “has been scrambling this morning to figure out how this happened.”


Holy jeebus, talk about poor security and a brain-dead POTUS.

eta: Here is the Twitter feed of John Melendez with his comments:


eta2: https://twitter.com/MelsLien/status/1012769839990165504

Here's the full transcript of Trump's phone call with prankster Stuttering John. He appears to think he's speaking with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ):

final(?) outcome of my psychotropic journey

Now that I am on Lithium Carbonate 300 mg twice a day, my blood level is approximately 0.6, which is the very bottom of the therapeutic range for Lithium. My doc and I agreed that there is no further point to increasing my dosage, since I am sleeping better on Lithium and my mood has improved a bit. Further increases in dosage would only increase the chances of side effects, of which I have none at this point. I stay well-hydrated to avoid those problems.

As for the most stubborn of all symptoms (interpersonal rejection sensitivity), his only suggested remedy is an anti-psychotic, and we both agreed that I might end up getting tardive dyskinesia from an anti-psychotic. I'm not going to take that kind of medication unless I'm really at the end of my rope and it's necessary. I'll just stay in therapy for this symptom.

So, for now, I've arrived at my optimal psychotropic cocktail (Parnate and Lithium). It hasn't been an easy journey but it's been worthwhile, in hindsight. Thanks for reading all my posts, everyone, and I hope they have helped at least one person.

Contrary to the conservatives on Twitter, Obama did not have a similar policy about children!


But immigration advocates and former Obama administration officials say that's just not true: The Obama administration did not have any kind of widespread practice of separating children from their parents. Trump's policy aims to prosecute every single illegal border crossing, including asylum-seekers. The government separates children from their parents or legal guardians because the adults have been referred for prosecution for illegal entry into the United States.

The idea that this is simply a continuation of an Obama-era practice is "preposterous," said Denise Gilman, director of the Immigration Clinic at the University of Texas Law School. "There were occasionally instances where you would find a separated family — maybe like one every six months to a year — and that was usually because there had been some actual individualized concern that there was a trafficking situation or that the parent wasn’t actually the parent."

Once custody concerns were resolved, "there was pretty immediately reunification," Gilman told NBC News. "There were not 2,000 kids in two months — it’s not the same universe," she added.

The Trump administration separated 1,995 children from 1,940 adults from April 19 to May 31, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said Friday, a period in which the "zero tolerance" policy was in effect.

They are using that BS claim to attack Rachel Maddow, among other nasty personal things. Normally I don't pay much attention to what the idiots say, but if this BS claim gets traction, it's not good.

I'm sure before this is all over, many other lies and distortions will get trotted out. I'm really proud of Rachel Maddow and everyone else who is standing up to the Nazi-fication of America and fighting back.

Not Phishing: Google is Changing Its Login Screen This Week


Google is tweaking its login prompt this week and you should take a quick look at the new design.

Slightly different login screens can prompt panic in savvy web user, who fear spear phishing and other attacks built around fake username and password fields. So it’s worth knowing when a change is coming, however slight it might be.

Google announced the new login screen last week, and GSuite users should start seeing it on Thursday, June 14th. The rollout will take 15 days, meaning everyone will have this new design by July.

Slight aesthetic tweaks generally aren’t the most exciting news, even if this new login prompt nicely employs Google’s Material Design aesthetic. Just be aware the change is coming, so you don’t panic later this month while logging in. Stay safe out there!

"AP grabbed this shot of Trump walking in late to the gender equality breakfast at the G7 summit"


The tragedy of untreated depression or bipolar disorder

I'm referring to news reports about Kate Spade, which may not be true ultimately.

There's a report that she persistently refused treatment, and that she had bipolar disorder. It might not be true.

If it is true, I am saddened of course but not totally shocked that she finally resorted to suicide. Suicide is the bitter end of trying to cope with untreated depression or bipolar disorder. Both of those illnesses will grind you down until suicide appears to be the best option.

If you have depression or bipolar disorder or think you might have one of them, go get evaluated at least by your family doctor. If he or she refers you to a psychiatrist, just go! Think of the psychiatrist as the specialist in this field, like an ear/nose/throat person or a gastroenterologist is for their fields.

If the doctor recommends medication, at least educate yourself thoroughly before you say NO. If your depression is only mild and the first time occurrence, you might get away with saying no. If your depression is much more chronic and/or recurring and more moderate to severe, my bias is towards people taking meds. Anyway, at least educate yourself and ask questions.

ETA: So sorry I forgot mentioning talk therapy. It helps with both diseases, especially depression. With bipolar disorder, at least someone can discuss how to cope with his or her illness with the therapist or doctor and get support. With depression, the patient can discuss realistic strategies on how to cope better and also get support.

My sincerest sympathies to the child and family of Kate Spade

ETA2: I guess we can add Anthony Bourdain to this OP. I don't know whether he was getting any treatment for depression.

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