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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 11:10 PM
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"Anti-choice", because words matter

I am pro-choice, for keeping abortions safe and legal. Those supporting the terrorism and murder of 3 people are in no way "pro-life". If you are happy about murders you are by definition NOT pro-life.

What they are is anti-choice.

They do not think women should have the choice of a legal, medical abortion. They are against that choice, anti-choice.

I am pro-life in that I am against killing those I disagree with, against the death penalty, against bombing random people.

Those protesting outside clinics are pro-death.

They are also anti-choice and IIIwill continue to call then that and explain why with these 2 questions.

Should women have the choice of legal, hygienic medical abortion?
Is it OK to kill people who are associated with clinics that provide abortions?

MIRT is seeking volunteers

Here's the link to the thread. I encourage those who qualify to try it.


MIRT is seeking volunteers

Here's the announcement thread. I encourage those who qualify to give it a go

Late term abortions

If you wish to learn more about them, I highly recommend the documentary After Tiller. I believe it's on instant video also. Please watch it, learn more, please it on. I donated money and other support to the makers of this documentary, but think it very necessary and helpful in countering stupid claims and ignorant fears.


Separated at birth?



Beware media facts and assumptions while incidents in progress

Media will report things to keep viewers tuned in. Rumors multiply. Inaccuracies are reported as fact.

The PP shooting is still happening and please beware of believing pretty much anything at this point or making assumptions as the situation is fluid. Eventuality the facts wiki come out. Patience, please.

Thank you.

Brussels tweets cats


This one has me rolling.

WILL there be a military draft?

I am NOTasking if you support one, instead what do you see happening in the next year or 2. I know there are too many variables to accurately predict, like who is the next president, but still, the concern persists in my mind.


16 arrested in Brussels. Not Salah Abdeslam. Breaking news

. Belgian police have made 16 arrests in anti-terror raids in Brussels, prosecutor confirms, but fugitive Salah Abdeslam is not among them.

We’re being told that neither weapons, nor explosives were uncovered as a result of any of the searches.

And, with that, they close the press conference. As promised earlier, no questions were taken and details of the raids were sparse.

Van der Sypt was keen to thank people for abiding by the police’s request to maintain “radio silence” and said the operation was ongoing.

Police carried out 19 raids in the Brussels area on Sunday, we’re being told, as well as more elsewhere in Belgium. There have been 16 arrests. Police also fired at a vehicle that drove at them while making an arrest
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