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As an old RN, one of the most difficult things is to accurately predict an individual's course

Statistics break down by categories, but it's difficult to predict for any 1 person. I know this from my years working, and personally.

I had a parent become one of those extreme outliers for their condition, lived longer than most everyone had. I had a cousin at the other end.

I've had to counsel families and friends, balancing statistical predictions with each individual's course.

It's not a game. It's painful, stressful, heartbreaking.

Throwing in the extra bit that we can't trust anyone involved with this administration, it's a waiting game to see what happens. As to what will happen with #impotus, patience. Things can and will change, rapidly at times. A doctor I worked with used to advise "tincture of time". It was, imo, patronizing, but real also.

Hang on to that anger and grieving for all those sickened, dead, grieving, for these assholes lack of action and empathy. Vote them out.

Garry Kasparov
We cannot let Trumpís health distract us from his massive debts, his loyalty to dictators, or the damage he and his GOP enablers are doing to American democracy. One month to go.

If you have congress people who need contacting, or it might help, contact them. And wait to see as predictions are hard.

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