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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 19,112

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If Rudy Is Such A Bad Attorney For Trump....

why hasn't Trump fired him? Or is Rudy doing what Trump wants him to do?

So Can We Call This A Constitutional Crisis Yet?.....

If not now - when?

Congresswoman AOC Was Just Interviewed On Stephen Colbert.....

And said that the shutdown has impacted the new Freshman Members of Congress in that they can't set up their district offices; can't get their laptops delivered and can't do the things they were elected to do.

Before I heard that I didn't know that it had that impact on these new members.

Do you think this is another motive for Trump to have this shutdown and extend it as long as possible in order to hamper the effectiveness of the now Dem House?

Is this his way of dealing with the Blue Wave of 2018?

MSM Needs To Keep Playing Trump's Oval Office Tirade To Chuck & Nancy....

you know the one where he said He'd shut the government down and take the responsibility. I read where he's now losing more support from his people because of the shutdown. If the MSM keeps playing that clip I think it will even move more people to dump him.

When Will The House Investigation Committee .....

begin their investigations again?

Hey - The Russian Asset Is Talking....

Looking to place the blame on the Dems if they don't pick up on his lame compromise. And he didn't end the shutdown. He's making the corner he backed himself into - tighter.

Is It Me Or Does Nothing In The News Make Sense Anymore?......

Now we got him. Now we don't. Made Cohen lie to Congress. Buzzfeed story inaccurate. Record breaking shutdown
800 ,000 people not getting paid. Wanna see the stock market crash - impeach me.
Russia helped Trump win. Lift sanctions on Deripaska. Dow rises. Women's march. Boycott women's march - anti-semetism. No money for border wall. Dems will add a billion for border security. Trump will say Dems caved and hold them up for more money and future shutdowns. Trump views shutdown good - eliminates waste in government jobs, streamlines departments. And on and on - conflicting news stories 24/7. I can't take it anymore!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Will The House Committee Bring In Pence To .....

question? Correct me if I'm wrong - Pence hasn't been interviewed by any committee or by Mueller. Why?

So Let Me Get This Straight - Trump Told Cohen To Lie To Congress.....

and now he is calling Cohen a liar because he lied to Congress?

Is this what I'm expected to believe?

Those Of You That Have Been Ordered Back To Work Without Pay - Now.....

you know what it's like to be a slave.

Thank You Mr. Trump!!!!!!
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