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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,857

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We Have An Accountablity Problem.....

We have politicians and people all over the country - openly and flagrantly - breaking the law - and we are failing to hold them accountable.

This lack of accountability for their breaking of the laws just contributes to other potential law breakers to go ahead and do it - because they feel they will never be held responsible.

It's no wonder why so many Americans are despondent, disillusioned and disgusted with whats happening right under our noses

Until these law breakers are held accountable and made to pay for their crimes - we will continue to watch our country and democracy slip away from us.

We know who these people are that are breaking the laws. But they always seem to have some wiggle room because of our legal system - that makes it difficult to hold them accountable.

Those same people - and again - you know who they are - seem to manipulate the system to keep themselves out of jail. Some loophole. Money to keep the whole thing in the courts. A friendly judge. etc, etc, etc.

We need to start holding these people accountable. They need to realize that anytime they break the law that they are at risk. They have to watch that others are being held accountable - so they get can be sufficiently afraid that they may wind up in jail.

I Just Want To Take A Minute Here To Thank Bernie Sanders.....

He has (in my opinion) broken through with respect to "the rich and the corporations need to pay their fair share".

That was his message right from the start when he reached national prominence.

At first - people looked at him as an old guy that kept repeating the same thing about the rich and their lack of contributing to the success of this country.

Now finally - after many years - Bernie's message has broken through to the main stream and it is being repeated by most Dem notables, the main stream media talking heads and the people are finally getting the message.

Joe Biden is now taking that message to the People and it is resonating.

I'm looking forward to us evening the playing field - and real soon - where the top 1% and the corporations have to step up and begin paying their fair share.

In my opinion - we have Bernie Sanders to thank for that and we have to thank him for being persistent over these years for continuing delivering the same message and finally having hit heard.

Thank you Bernie!!!!!

Has Anyone Heard Of A Website Called "Nextdoor".....

I received a letter the other day that appeared to come from a neighbor. It was an invite to join 'nextdoor.com' (don't click on this). I liked the idea that it included me in a forum with my neighbors in my school district - so I visited the site and entered the password it provided in the letter. The response was that I didn't have the correct password - so I couldn't join. The name on the letter turned out to be a lady around the block from where I live - but no contact info. I went to the internet. Googled her name. Got her address and two telephone numbers. Called. One was disconnected and the other only provided a constant static. So in my next walk around the block - I left a note in this ladies mailbox requesting a more current password. A day later I had a message on my phone where this lady called me and said she dropped out of nextdoor.

I was talking with a friend on the other side of town - telling her of my experience and she went to her table - where she pulled out the exact same letter (type face/font/message, etc0 as the letter I received - only hers was customized for the community around her house. She said - she felt it was a scam. She looked at the postmark on the envelope and it was from a zipcode in California. We're both in Illinois.

When I came home I pulled out my letter and compared them and they were exactly the same; same postmark and message - only both were customized to the neighborhood that surrounded our house. I must confess - she was more suspicious than I and she looked at the postmark, etc.

Anyway - now I'm wondering why somebody completely on the west coast would go through all the trouble customizing these letters and sending them out. What's the scam here? Is it a scam? Is this legitimate?

So I'm posting this here to see if anyone else on DU has received a similar letter and is either participating in nextdoor or if they were taken advantage of. I'm curious - as to where in the country you might be located. Again - we received these letters here in Illinois and they were mailed out - not by one of our neighbors - but came from someone in California - that did a lot of research to ID our neighborhoods, including names of real neighbors - that they included in these letters.

What's the deal?

There's One Other Thing Biden Could Do To Get People Vaccinated.....

Have airline travelers be required to be vaccinated if they want to fly.

Let the TSA enforce that. We can't have guns, knifes, box cutters or any other device that can be a weapon. We can only have small amounts of liquid. Can't have bottled water. I'm sure that they have the power of the federal government to require all airline passengers be vaccinated.

Right now people are flying all around the country and spreading the 'delta variant'. Think of Floridians flying all over the country and spreading this virus.

I'm thinking that Biden has the power to order that.

"t's Not Hard To Lie To Someone That Wants To Believe".........

We watched and enjoyed the movie Peter Rabbit 2 over the holiday weekend.

My thread title is a direct quote from that movie.

Can you guess what went through my mind when I heard that?

When The Red States Pass These Draconian Voting Laws They Always Say They Do It Because Of Cheating.

yet they have no real data to back that up - they just use cheating as an excuse because it works for them

Well - let's define 'cheating'. Denying peoples rights to vote - is cheating.

Gerrymandering to alter the district to one's advantage - is cheating.

Those are two of the things the Repugs are doing in these Red States. They say they are voting these new voter laws in because of cheating and to prevent cheating - yet - the very things they are doing in these new laws - is really cheating.

They are getting away with it right under our noses.

We need to define what they are doing as cheating.

Don't let them try and pass the blame on the Dems.

Anybody Watching "The Ultimate Surfer"?.....

In yesterdays episode - surfers that were kicked off - came back to the surfing site.

They were hiding in what looked like an odd shaped camper that can be towed behind a car.

Does anyone know the name of that camper? I'd like to find out more about that as it really looks cool and functional. I'd like to see if they have a website describing it; where available and what the cost is?

Why Is Biden Treating Manchin & Sinema With Kid Gloves?....

Why isn't he calling them on the carpet in the WH and pressing them?

Have The Cable News Shows Become Just A Platform For Promoting And Selling Books?.....

Is this just my cynical attitude of these cable news shows and the talking heads that they employ?

Most every time I tune into cable news - some talking head or show host is promoting their new book. We get little tidbits of salacious info - that are meant to draw one in to purchasing the book to get the so-called - whole story.

Instead of journalists providing us with the news when it actually happens - so action can be taken when it is timely - they seem to be saving the juicy tidbits for their book that they are writing and will be promoting - when the story is old news. It's these juicy tidbits that sell their books. Their publishers like this. Their pocketbooks also like it.

We then wind up finding out - the so-called - real story - after the fact - when the crucial time period for some action to be taken has past.

I long for the days when news was news and journalists did their jobs and really put the fire to the feet of those that make the news and break the laws.

I long for the days of Woodward and Bernstein. Where are our Walter Cronkite's?

I Keep Hearing That Tens Of Thousands Of Afghans Didn't Get Out Of The Country.....

and want to flee.

The question I have - are these Afghans that worked and aided the U.S. during our time in the country - Or - are these just Afghans that don't want to remain in their country under Taliban rule?

A couple of observations:

How does anyone know the numbers of these people? It seems like that can be a made up number depending on the slant that the MSM wants to put on it. The higher the number - the worse it sounds for the Biden Administration. I've heard all kinds of estimates - from the low of 150 people to tens of thousands.

And I can imagine if I was an Afghan - I would fear for what is to come for me in this country under the Taliban rule - and I would want to flee the country as well. We can't possibly evacuate all of Afghanistan.
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