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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 23,530

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Is Any Place In This Country - Safe?....

Churches, schools, theaters, shopping malls, food stores, synagogues, retail stores, shopping downtown, commuting to work, restaurants, bars, buses, trains, airports, hotels, parks, beaches, gyms, driving down the highway, hair salons, hospitals, nursing homes, barber shops, walking down the street in your own neighborhood, out enjoying an afternoon walking in your town or city, sitting in your own home watching TV, playing outside on your front steps or lawn, etc - and the list goes on an on.

And you can probably name more that I have failed to mention here.

What do all of these places have in common?

Really - all of these mentioned above have been involved with shooting deaths.

It really becomes hard to identify places where one feels safe anymore. What are the safest places in this country? I'm hard pressed to name safe places. Oh - maybe an NRA convention.

When are we going to wake up? When will something be done about all these senseless killings and deaths?

It's getting really scary to go out anywhere these days. In some respects - quarantining in your home for the pandemic - might be safer - but instead of a gun you die from the virus.

They Should Schedule A Women's March All Over The Country On.....

Election Day 2022. The purpose being is to have a WGOTV and get the masses out to vote against the Repugs and vote for candidates that support women's rights. Women's Get Out The Vote (WGOTV)

They're out marching. Might as well march directly to the voting box.

Rally the troops. Guarantee a big turnout.

Did I Hear That Moscow Mitch Met With Zelenskky In Kiev.....

a Repug delegation went to the Ukraine.

They didn't want to be upstaged by the Dems visit - did they?

If You Want To See The Repugs Go Down In 2022 & 2024 - Here's What We Have To Do.....

Once Roe v Wade goes - don't tell the People that the Repugs will now be coming after contraception; LGBTQ; interracial marriage; etc.

Tell the People that the Repugs will be coming after their GUNS!!!

Tell the People to watch what happened and is happening in all the events surrounding the abortion issue. Tell them to watch what's happening in the States. Tell the People to watch what the Repug Governors & State Legislatures are doing to voting rights. Tell them - they gone after 'math books'. They've even gone after 'Disney'. Do you really think GUNS are sacred to them?

Then tell them this R v W is just a foreshadowing of what the Repugs are planning on doing to about their 2nd Amendment Rights.

You say you don't believe? What? Just look at how the Conservative SCOTUS candidates that ultimately were confirmed and placed on the bench - LIED - in their confirmation hearings - to the Senators and to the American People. Then say - read the leaked SCOTUS opinion that Alito wrote. Read between the lines.

It's coming People. They are lying to you if they tell you that you have a right to bear arms. They're ultimately planning on coming to take your guns away.

What was that they said about 'precedent'?

And all the time - they said it would be the Dems. This is the 'BIG LIE'.

This is how we rally the People. Flip the issue around that the Repugs are touting. For once - use their tactics against them.

Don't you think that the GUN issue is as volatile as the Abortion issue? It's time to give the Repugs a taste of their own medicine. Put them on the defense. Let them deny that this is their plan - and then show clips of how they lied about Roe v Wade. Hell - even Susan Collins got taken in by them.

Just some words and thoughts above to mull on!!!

TFG Bet On All The Horses Just So....

he can say the horse he picked won.

He's not a loser - you know.

TFG Just Ruined The Kentucky Derby....

Is he in the grift? I turned the TV right off when I saw him.

I wonder if he'll bet on the race? He'll contest the decision if his horse doesn't win.

He'll say the race was stolen.

I've Had A Very Satisfying Day....

My old Whirlpool Clothes Dryer crapped out the other day. I suspected that the belt that drives the drying drum broke. So I went to the Internet and Googled the model number of my dryer and I was able to find the part number for a replacement belt.

I went to E-Bay and searched the Whirlpool Model Number and lo and behold I was able to order one for $9.97 and free shipping. Four days later I received the new replacement belt.

I then went back to the Internet - YouTube - and searched 'How to replace a belt on this dryer'. Again - lo and behold - there were two videos that took me through the belt replacement process for my dryer.

Today - I headed down to the basement to do the job. After about 1 hour - and following the instructions in the video - I was able to fix my dryer. As a bonus - I was able to vacuum the innards of the machine and clean it up. I reassembled the dryer by reversing the taking apart process and plugged the machine back in - and guess what - it worked. I fixed it.

I saved myself the cost of a service call and paying serviceman's price for the replacement belt and I saved myself from having to go out and buy another dryer - like most people do when their machine goes out.

I'm gonna sit back tonight and sip on a celebratory cocktail and enjoy my victory. A real satisfying day for me.

Does Anyone Know If There Is A Celery Sauce (Condiment) On The Market....

I live in the Chicago Area. Many hot dog joints shake some celery salt on the hot dog - especially those hot dogs that include tomato and cucumber on them. The taste is amazing.

Watching - the Foods That Built America - the other day - they feature the Heinz Company which got it's start with Ketchup. That made me think - a celery sauce - the consistency of a ketchup would be a cool condiment to squirt on a hot dog.

I was wondering if there is a commercial product like that on the market. I'd like to try it.

Forgive Me If This Question Offends Anyone - But During Jim Crow Times If A White Woman Was Raped...

by a black man - was the white women allowed to get an abortion?

What I'm trying to establish is - was abortion allowed at this time in the history of this country?

Does some historian here know this answer?

The Repugs Have Reacted To The SCOTUS Leak-Likened It To The Insurrection.....

and said the person who is responsible and leaked this draft "should be prosecuted and should go to jail for a very long time."

They said "This is the most egregious breach of trust at the Supreme Court that has ever happened".

Top GOP leaders on the Hill also piled on. In a statement, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell described the leak as “lawless action”.

They called for an immediate investigation and said the Justice Department “must pursue criminal charges if applicable.”

What happens if it is found out that the leaker was in fact a Conservative Supreme Court Judge? Will they still feel the same?

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