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Unwind Your Mind

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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 06:18 PM
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Pragmatist Capitalist Warren liberal Civil rights absolutist Total Quality Management is the theory that many small changes over time lead to dramatic results

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I think MFA is the end goal

It seems to be a political loser right now though

I would start with a strong public option aka buy in to Medicare and a strong push on pharmaceutical costs.

Those two would put downward pressure on all premiums and eventually the private companies wonít even want to compete anymore

And there you have it...

Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Thu Feb 20, 2020, 11:42 AM (1 replies)

Can I say something about health care?

The policy of whoever we nominate really doesnít matter.

The whole thing will have to be hashed out in Congress anyway.

The important thing is theyíre all headed in the right direction.

This is a debate for next year. Itís pointless right now.

Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Wed Feb 19, 2020, 11:20 PM (13 replies)

Cool! Thanks for sharing

Iíll donate to that and share on Facebook too

Iím working up a theme about how if we can take the senate and the presidency we can have a Medicare option. Something about how if my premium were half Iíd have enough for a car payment. Economic stimulus big time. Suggestions on that are welcome...

Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Thu Feb 6, 2020, 11:05 AM (1 replies)

My Nonno was a marble cutter too

His family came over from Italy beginning with his father in the 1890ís to work in the quarries in Vermont. All of his siblings and many other extended family members eventually settled in Los Angeles in the 1920ís. His work is all over the beautiful depression era buildings in LA.

They were proud and hard working people who valued education and family.

They are what America is all about.

Today, they are gone of course, but they have seven great grandchildren. Their daughter Carmen raised her children and grandchildren to work hard in school as a path to better ourselves and give our children a good life. Every one of us has a college degree. We hold two masters and a doctorate. We are raising the next generation. The eldest just graduated from UC Berkeley. All good people, a legacy to be proud of.

Most of us have a family story like this one.

Iím not feeling the 4th this year, letís have Ancestor Appreciation Day instead 😊

Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Thu Jul 4, 2019, 12:19 PM (0 replies)

Thank you everyone

I felt like letting you all know about the fund was a small thing I could do, we all feel so helpless.

I've been spending my energy holding my own family together. My in laws are here with us and they are devastated. They're both very hearty but they are 78 and 80 years old so it's been very hard on them. We've evacuated from here once and remain on alert now.

What has been amazing is the outpouring of support, both from the community and our extended family and friends. Our neighbors have pulled together and looked out for each other. We'll all be closer after this.

I'm very grateful for many things, we're alive, we're together, we have power and hot water

And hey, I don't think I've ever hit the greatest page before.

Thank you
Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Fri Oct 13, 2017, 12:32 AM (0 replies)

We're in the northeast valley of Santa Rosa, just over the hill from Calistoga

And fires still burn in two other directions.

My in laws and and least a couple dozen of our friends have lost their homes.

It is devastating and I'm especially worried for renters who may not have insurance.

If you'd like to help, the Redwood Credit Union has set up a donation fund, I'm sorry I don't have a link.

We are exhausted and heartbroken and none of us is out of the woods yet.

Keep us in your thoughts please.
Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Thu Oct 12, 2017, 06:07 PM (18 replies)

As the older sister of an Iraq veteran...

I am personally grateful to President Obama because my brother has not been deployed again since he took office.

There is no doubt in my mind, that would not have been the case under any other President.

Thank you sir
Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Thu Jan 21, 2016, 10:16 PM (1 replies)

Ten years ago today

The day itself is not seared in my memory. I know I went to work, I know I followed the news all day.

What is painfully fresh still is the way I felt that day.

I've been a politics/news junkie since I was young.

So I, like most everyone here, knew the deal on this bullshit war.

And, my baby brother was there. He was born when I was 11, to my heart he is my first born child.

I was unspeakably angry and vibrating with terror. I felt that I would do something desperate if he was killed. I'm still so angry that he was changed, hurt by his experience even though he is physically whole. It's a scar that won't heal.

I've been dwelling on this all day and felt the need to share it somewhere.

Thank you for the safe place DU provides, please share your memories.

Posted by stopwastingmymoney | Tue Mar 19, 2013, 09:24 PM (1 replies)
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