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Member since: Sat Oct 23, 2004, 11:12 AM
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No husband ever got shot doing the dishes.

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Canada developing biological weapons.....

I was doing some recon here in Vancouver and have discover their biological weapons cache. They have this weapon they call poutine.

It looks harmless enough. Cheese curds over French fries with gravy over all. But let me tell you, this poutine, even in small doses can render one helplessly satiated for hours. No wonder the folks around here are so nice. It is a defense mechanism as they are so helpless.

They are also developing the japadog. This is a direct assault on the American Hot Dog. I fear for our wieners. The Chicago dog doesn't have a prayer.

I will later be investigating Canadian cults. I hear the biggest one here is called Tim Horton.

Happy Hunting and watch out for the bears.

I am....

An advanced scouting party....so to speak. I am finding this very intreresing. This may be one of the times when being aboriginal (as they say here) has it's advantages.

I am just visiting but living here or near the border may be an option. Been mulling this over since GWB first elected.

Morning Marketeers.....

It is time once again for the mutual masturbatory economic session known as Davos to start.

Again my brother has agree to host the summit for a fraction of the cost of the Switzerland digs. Due to the drought, the fish pond is low so fishing is spotty, but the drought has forced wildlife in so that more than makes up for the fishing.

Shopping is great as the local WalMart is well stocked. If WalMart is too rich for you, there are a host of Dollar stores and second hand shops and SIL will be happy to organize a shopping expedition. The local radio station has a popular swap meet on the air. You can pick up some sweet deals if you are a first caller.

Dining is good too. They have an all you can eat Chinese Food buffet, Braum's, and several local spots. There is a drive thru liquor store, but the local law enforcement keep the roads well policed.

Bro has lots of fresh eggs and honey and a fully stocked pantry and SIL can whip up a spread in no time. My niece plays piano rather well now so we will be able to have a floor show, esp if Bro plays his 12 string guitar.

There is lots of other entertainment. The girls (hens) have a few beaus, and that is always interesting. SIL added rabbits to the farm and menu. It is breeding time for the doe rabbits and that is the only x rated entertainment, but it is over pretty quickly so there is no point in charging. They still have cable but the Internet is rather slow. The stars at night are really good and brother has binoculars and a telescope. He has a gun range of sorts so that is available but use is limited as it scares the girls and they may stop laying.

No nation took up his offer so I will post the Davos TV. Jamie Dimon and Marie Blowjob are on right now but other than that, I recommend you not watch this and operate heavy machinery.


The Theme this year is Resilient Dynamism....

Happy hunting and watch out for the bears.
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