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Member since: Sat Oct 23, 2004, 11:12 AM
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No husband ever got shot doing the dishes.

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Canada developing biological weapons.....

I was doing some recon here in Vancouver and have discover their biological weapons cache. They have this weapon they call poutine.

It looks harmless enough. Cheese curds over French fries with gravy over all. But let me tell you, this poutine, even in small doses can render one helplessly satiated for hours. No wonder the folks around here are so nice. It is a defense mechanism as they are so helpless.

They are also developing the japadog. This is a direct assault on the American Hot Dog. I fear for our wieners. The Chicago dog doesn't have a prayer.

I will later be investigating Canadian cults. I hear the biggest one here is called Tim Horton.

Happy Hunting and watch out for the bears.

I am....

An advanced scouting party....so to speak. I am finding this very intreresing. This may be one of the times when being aboriginal (as they say here) has it's advantages.

I am just visiting but living here or near the border may be an option. Been mulling this over since GWB first elected.
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