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Member since: Mon Oct 25, 2004, 02:41 AM
Number of posts: 3,442

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He Said, She Said

That seems to be the Trump surrogates' big talking point today: "It's all just he said, she said." Funny thing is, for once, they are right.

He said: I go into the pageant dressing rooms and look at the women when they are naked.
She said: He came into the pageant dressing room and looked at us while we were naked.

He said: I can go up to women and just start kissing them or groping them.
She said: He came up to me and just started kissing me and groping me.

Is NBC threatening whistleblowers?

On Friday, we saw a tape of NBC employee Billy Bush and NBC employee Donald Trump creating a hostile work environment (at the very least) for NBC employee Arianne Zucker. Now we have learned that NBC employee Mark Burnett is threatening other NBC employees with financial retribution if they release any similar tapes. In other words, if any whistleblowers come forward with evidence that the Apprentice set was a hostile work environment, they will be punished.

It wasn't a locker room, it was a WORKPLACE

At the time of the video, both Billy Bush and Donald Trump were employees of NBC. The actress they were so crudely discussing, Arianne Zucker, was also an NBC employee. Donald's appearance that day on Days of Our Lives, and his interview with Access Hollywood, were part of a fairly standard casting stunt designed to promote the Apprentice, Days and Access Hollywood. It is part of Trump's job description to promote his show in this way.

The minute Trump entered that van, he was on the job. Bush, and the camera crew in the van, were also on the job. Bush and Trump were crudely discussing an employee of their parent company in front of other employees of that same company. Arianne Zucker got to spend the rest of her workday around two men who had just been casually discussing her potential sexual assault and a crew of people who had heard her being objectified and demeaned.

(I find Billy Bush's behavior particularly troubling because he not only egged Trump on in the van, he carried the atmosphere of the van into the interaction with Arianne when he told her to hug Trump, knowing full well Trump had just been talking about kissing her and grabbing women's pussies whenever he wanted. Trump had been describing sexual assault and Bush decided to play wingman.)

Anybody watch "Roadies" tonight?

I think that was one of the finest hours of television I've ever seen.

Welcome Newbies! Introduce your fine selves!

I've been noticing a lot of great new members here lately. I am loving this influx of smart, funny Dems and I want to wholeheartedly welcome you to DU. This place can be fast-paced and a bit crazy so it is sometimes hard for new folks to feel at home but YOU ARE HOME, and luckily, there are no crazy right-wing uncles here to spoil everything.

So please, take a minute to introduce yourself and maybe tell us a bit why you're here. Or, just pop in and say "hi." Either way, welcome home!

It's the Galt-Right vs the Alt-Right...

...and the Alt-right won.

Wonder if Paul Ryan will gather up his fellow Galt-righters and build a community in a valley in Colorado? They could call themselves Trump's Mulch and tell stories around the camp-fire of how they are stopping the motor of the world by removing their genius selves from society. That'll show 'em.

Sorry, Paul Ryan. You can look at the neo-nazis on the Alt-Right and say a million times "that's not who we are" but they won, you lost. That Klan rally in Cleveland two weeks ago? That's exactly who you are.

I wanted to be President when I grew up.

I was born a political junkie. My parents said that, when I was a baby, I would crawl to the TV screen and kiss it whenever President Kennedy was on. I've collected political buttons since I was old enough to walk into campaign offices and ask for them. Whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered "President."

That usually got a laugh.

They weren't mean laughs, just the laughs of people who, even in the '60's, couldn't imagine a woman as President. By the 70's, some people, mostly women, would say "well maybe there will be a woman president when you grow up." There was never any real encouragement though and, perhaps more importantly, there was no one I could look to as a role model for that ambition. No one talked to me about the importance of good grades or getting into a good college. When I did go to college, a not terribly impressive state college, my mother couldn't understand why I didn't want to be a stewardess. She would honestly say-"But, you're so pretty, you could be a stewardess!"-like that was the highest complement you could give a young woman.

So, yes, there are tears here today. Happy tears. I hope somewhere in America today, some little political junkie girl is watching this who WILL grow up to be President-our fourth or fifth woman president-and will never know that there was a time when that was unthinkable, even laughable.

This, today? This is a big fucking deal.

Tiffany Trump's Speech Leaked

As most of you know, my Dad and I lived apart most of my life. But, that doesn't mean he wasn't a great Dad to me. We had regular email exchanges and I want to share a few with you...

Dear Ivanka, (my Dad's such a kidder!)

Got your email asking for money for shoes and food. Remember, you should never ask what your father can do for you. Ask what you can do for your father.

Donald J Trump

And here's one he sent me when I was sad...

Got your note saying you feel neglected 'cause you haven't seen me in three years. I never want to make you cry, never gonna say good-bye, never gonna turn around and desert you.


Trump's Freudian Slip.

"We have an incompetent administration. And if Iím elected president, that will not change, I will tell you, that will not change over the next four years."

I heard Trump say this this morning and immediately thought, "Huh?" It's even like that in the transcript... http://time.com/4367120/orlando-shooting-donald-trump-transcript/

eta: Tactical Peek found a video clip of him saying this. Check it out... http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4603719/trump-says-administration-will-incompetent

Bead the Bern Grand Opening!

I opened my Etsy Store today! I'm really excited. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and feedback on my Bernie bead loom designs. Check out my store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PecosRiverJewelry?ref=l2-shopheader-name Let me know how it looks. I had to teach myself a bunch of new things this weekend but I think it all came out pretty good.

Here are some of the designs I came up with...

I'm also posting these on Pinterest under Crafters For Equality. https://www.pinterest.com/craft4equality/bernie-sanders/ That's a board I started after the Hobby Lobby decision pissed me off. I figured that board would have lots of Bernie crafters. I really want to get these designs out to other artists/crafters so we can all spread the word. What a great conversation starter these would be. I priced them low to be accessible to most but if you want one and you really can't afford it, let me know and I can work something out.

They're designed for the bead loom but will work with square stitch. I also think they could be adapted to any grid based craft like cross stitch, plastic canvas, Perler beads, etc. I'm going to start a thread in the Arts and Crafts forum, too, where I will be able to give people tips on how to use these. Bead looming is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it and these patterns would be good for a beginner.

Please help me spread the word. If you go to the Etsy page you can Pin, or Tweet or Facebook these. Thanks again!
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