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Member since: Mon Oct 25, 2004, 02:41 AM
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The Awesomeness of Penzeys

Check out this Facebook post from Penzey's Spices...


Our Sunny Paris offer is part of our celebration of the 75th anniversary of Casablanca. It may well be the best love story ever, but it's also a roadmap for fighting the totalitarianism now taking hold of the Republican Party in America today. In love there is hope, and hope is the only force capable of beating the despair that allows fascism to take hold.

I get emails, lots of them. Some people have a hard time getting their heads around what standing up for humanity has to do with being a Spice business. And I get that this answer won't make sense to everyone, but what standing up for humanity has to do with being a Spice business is pretty much everything. Cooking is where we learned our humanity. Through cooking we came to understand that strength was not driving others away, strength comes from welcoming others in. Up until a year ago that's how America worked, too.

The good thing about Nationalists, Fascists, Nazis and their like is that they are never in the majority. The bad thing is that they are pretty good at demoralizing the majority to the point where they can seize control. What hope means in times of despair is also everything. The origins of our Embrace Hope pin go back to well before the time that publicly supporting the equality promised to all by the US Constitution was seen as supporting one party and attacking the other. Originally this was to be a plaque we placed above the doors to our stores.


And please be ready for a time when we will have to Embrace Hope more than ever. The coordinated Republican attack we are seeing right now against the first amendmentís guarantee of a free press and against Americaís dedicated law enforcement agencies is a clear indication that there is a lot more about to be revealed than simply vague meetings with Russians that went nowhere, and statesí voting databases being hacked for no reason.

The desperation of these attacks on the press and law enforcement are the signs of a party in great fear of the public learning the true extent of its actions. They are labeling the FBIís investigation into Russiaís support of the Republican Party as un-American. This is a party fighting for its life. Good chance there will be times where many find themselves in despair ahead. Youíre a Cook, Embrace Hope instead.

Thanks for reading,


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