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Member since: Mon Oct 25, 2004, 02:41 AM
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Merry Impeachment Day!

Before we commence with "the airing of the grievances" I want to express my gratitude to everyone here. I know this has felt hopeless at times, and still feels that way, but, this is a big win. It's a big fucking deal!

None of this would have happened without the Great Blue Wave. History will remember the Resistance.

I have an idea

I've been noticing that some of our candidates are worried about making the next debate based on their number of donors. In this case, although it helps money wise to donate again to your favorite candidate, it doesn't help with the discrete donor requirement. So, here's my idea...

Let's do a different type of pledge drive. In the comments, post who you would be willing to donate to, and how much, in exchange for an equal donation to your candidate of choice.

For example, you could post: I will donate $5 to Cory Booker in exchange for a $5 donation to Beto. Then, a Cory supporter could respond and seal the deal. It would have to be honor system but I don't think that will be a problem.

I'm going to post my pledge in the first comment. This could be fun. 😋

Goodreads giveaway for "The Testaments" (sequel to Handmaid's Tale)

Just thought I'd share this with my fellow DUers. I can't wait to read it.


Where's Melania's "I really don't care..." jacket?

You really don't care, do you, Melania?

Vote for Deming High School-$75,000 for their art program

Vans is having a design contest and Deming High School is a finalist. Here's a link to vote for them. https://customculture.vans.com/?fbclid=IwAR2VAtiYQ3k_CFNQ-P_m1Acuq2Fp5YdjqpE9ME2yIW5XB80xV5_8xukGaII

You can vote every day until sometime in May. The winning school gets $75,000 for their art program. Their designs are pretty cool.

"Are You A White Nationalist?"

I've watched this past week as reporters asked some form of the question, "Are you a Socialist? " to any Democratic politician being interviewed. Once again, the media is doing the far right's dirty work as even our primary candidates find themselves having to explain the nuances of Democratic Socialism or, on the flip side, having to mount a defense of Capitalism.

I propose that all Republican politicians be asked "Are you a White Nationalist?" When they get outraged over the question, it should be pointed out that they support a president who is an icon of the White Nationalist movement and whose speeches are often indistinguishable from the speeches of known White Nationalists.

I know the media folks won't do this so I think we should do it. If a Republican politician posts something on Twitter or Facebook, ask them if they are a White Nationalist in the comments. Ask it of any Trump supporters you know or meet, too.

The current GOP has openly embraced White Nationalism and it is long past time to stop dancing around this.
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