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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 236,960

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What do you will expect will follow Dallas

Democracy and attempts to heal the racial divide or a militarized police force?

Serena Williams biggest statement today

However, Serena’s biggest statements of the day might have come off of the court.

We already knew that Serena was keeping an eye on what has been happening in the United States this week because of a tweet she sent on Thursday about the death of Philando Castile, but she elaborated on racial tensions in America after defeating Kerber.

“I don’t think that the answer is to continue to shoot our young black men in the United States,” she said, as reported by Ben Rothenberg.

I feel anyone in my color in particular is of concern. I do have nephews that I’m thinking, Do I have to call them and tell them, ‘Don’t go outside. If you get in your car, it might be the last time I see you.’

That is something that I think is of great concern, because it will be devastating. They’re very good kids. I don’t think that the answer is to continue to shoot our young black men in the United States. It’s just unfortunate. Or just black people in general.

Also, obviously, violence is not the answer of solving it. The shooting in Dallas was very sad. No one deserves to lose their life, doesn’t matter what color they are, where they’re from. We’re all human. We have to learn that we have to love one another. It’s going to take a lot of education and a lot of work, I think, to get to that point.

But I think, in general, the entire situation is extremely sad, especially for someone like me. It’s something that is very painful to see happening.

Well done sis

Anyone else notice Beyonce and Jay Z in her box

OK here we go Serena #22

The good news - no one has ever beaten both Williams sisters in a tournament.

If her serve is on today it will be #22

Lester Holt interview with Hillary Clinton on now

How will you move the needle on race in this country?


So Micah Johnson was a Vet from the never-ending war in Afghanistan

It's all way too sad

Dear America - I weep for you

Guns kill

Spare a thought for the folks in Taiwan as Cat4 Super Typhoon Nepartak

hits land

Me thinks Mr. Clay just settled all matters

Fuck the rest of the fugging fuckers - now who is this Wyoming idiot?

The Minnesota shooting is the lead story

on BBC radio. Two black men killed in 48 hours was the opening line

Williams sisters' day at Wimbledon

Serena is leading 3-0 already
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