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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 237,240

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STFU Tom Brokaw

What's historic is the first woman not the first fucking carnival barker. You don't have to be a tool because Don the Con made you feel important at some sports stadium. The only thing historical tonight is the first female Presidential candidate whether you love or hate her.

Now go kiss George Bush's ass and fuck off!! You disgust me.

Serious question

Why don't political parties in the USA have annual conferences. I think you'd sort out issues between elections in a much more structured way.

If you only have conventions in election years dissenters have no choice but to make their voices heard there. Parties are alliances of different factions.

One more thing if folks would silence fellow Democrats for their faction's benefit, are they really democratic???

How does Uncle Scam, Don the Con stand up in front of people

and tell them Putin does not respect Obama when he fueled the birther movement and disrespected the president using racist language? Is this the same fugger who called Obama ignorant?

Trump should be in an asylum.

Barack Obama

I do love you even when we disagree on some serious issues - oh yes - you-re a decent human being

I do love you back

See it there Don the Con

Dems don't have to steal music - the best are Democrats
This is a fugging production versus a stupid reality TV show that ReTHUG party folks boycotted

That's not Law and Order

That's Criminal Intent

What are you eating and drinking as you watch the Convention?

By the way I hope Dems don't change a damned thing about the stage

The bump he got is as uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggge as

his little hands and lil dick

That is all

Trump news conference coming up

Word is he's not releasing his taxes because of the Russian investments

Why is he trying to steal Dems thunder - he had his week.

I did not know that Barbara Boxer's grandson is Hillary Clinton's nephew


Thanks Babs
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