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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 237,099

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Ok how many persons were killed in Syria today

with US raids on ISIS - I just heard that it was 56 with 11 children

OMFG -Teachers and academics are thanking Melania Trump for perfect material

Teachers and academics in the UK and the US have taken to Twitter to thank Donald Trump's wife for providing the perfect material to teach their students what plagiarism is and why it is wrong.

Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention has notable similarities with a speech given by current first lady Michelle Obama in 2008.

Brad Francis, an English teacher at Davis Middle School in Evanston, Wyoming tweeted that he was "'jazzed" to have a "perfect video to teach my 8th graders students about plagiarism".

"Melania's speech is probably the most blatant example that I have ever seen. Eighth grade students need very literal examples, and her speech is basically verbatim to Michelle Obama's. It will help them learn absolutely what not to do in their writing," he told BBC News.

"I have students who try to copy and paste material from the internet all the time to pass it off as their own. That speech was Michelle Obama's intellectual property."

Chances that Melania Trump didn't plagiarize Michelle Obama? Less than one in a trillion

It looks like it's pretty safe to rule out any chance that Melania Trump's plagiarism of Michelle Obama's convention speech was an accident. Despite some defenders saying Melania Trump lifted words "coincidentally," the Washingtonian used Turnitin.com to find that "the likelihood that a 16-word match," like the one between Trump's speech and Obama's, is "'just a coincidence' is less than 1 in a trillion." The longest match between the two speeches is 23 words:


This Scott Baio is really really

fucking dumb and he doesn't know how dumb he is

I'm betting the kids set her up

Watch the proceedings!
Seriously this is freaking delish!!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of Obama haterz.

Don't forget the season - The Atlantic remains quiet--but beware of this year's ocean heat content!


The Atlantic remains quiet--but beware of this year's ocean heat content!
As is usually the case when the Eastern Pacific is active, the Atlantic is quiet. This inverse correlation in activity occurs because the conditions over the Eastern Pacific driving this July's bounteous activity--surface low pressure and rising air--creates a compensating area of sinking air over the tropical Atlantic. This sinking air creates surface high pressure and dry weather--the antithesis of conditions needed for tropical cyclone formation. There are no tropical cyclone threat areas in the Atlantic to discuss today, and none of the reliable models for tropical cyclone formation is predicting development during the coming five days. Don't expect to see much activity in the Atlantic until the Eastern Pacific's burst of activity slows down. When we finally do get the surface low pressure, rising air, low wind shear, plentiful low to mid-level moisture and an African tropical wave needed to spawn an Atlantic hurricane, watch out. Record to near-record levels of heat energy are in the Atlantic in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and waters surrounding the Bahamas (Figure 2), exceeding even the heat energy that was available during the notorious Hurricane Season of 2005. This year's high levels of ocean heat content in the Atlantic increases the odds of dangerous rapidly-intensifying major hurricanes if the other conditions needed for intensification are present.

Colorado delegation just walked out after voice vote

So let me see if I get this

Anti-Don the Con ReTHUGs want a vote among delegates but the Asst Secretary in charge of these matters can't be found anywhere! This is going to be a blast

Bravo Charles (Chuck Kettles) Vietnam Veteran Medal of Honor

for rescuing 40 soldiers in Vietnam - Obama speaking

Chuck and family and some brothers-in-arms are present

In case you didn't know it

Freddie Gray killed himself
Another officer walks free
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