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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 05:05 PM
Number of posts: 239,472

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So Trump,Pence and Hillary

supported the illegal war in Iraq but it's no problem for Trump and Pence.

Who thinks the neo-liberals don't want private armies and private police

the same way they are destroying the public schools and everything else that's part of the social good - that was all part of Hayek's dream/our nightmare.

Who do you think has been starving them of resources?

They've gone back to covering Don the Con's convention

just after they heard that they may have been sovereign citizens.

Bangs head.

Chris Christie Lost Out on the Job He Wanted. And His Bad Year Got Worse

“Black Thursday,” one of Gov. Chris Christie’s least favorite local newspaper columnists called it, under a headline that declared it his “worst day ever.” At the least, it was the New Jersey governor’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

On Thursday morning, one of his closest confidants pleaded guilty to a felony charge of abusing power at the agency that Mr. Christie tapped him to lead. By that afternoon, federal prosecutors had charged a former cabinet official in connection with the same case, which spun out of the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal that has dogged Mr. Christie for nearly three years.

Then he did not get the job he had been publicly pining for, and on which he had pinned his hopes of political resuscitation. Donald J. Trump, who is expected to become the Republican nominee for president next week, picked someone else as his running mate, despite an endorsement that dragged Mr. Christie’s poll numbers to record lows at home and alienated him from moderate Republicans he once called friends.

And that was before a storm knocked down a tree and power line outside Mr. Christie’s house, starting a fire beside it. When a local television station asked the governor if he still had electricity, he gave a thumbs down, which might have been answering the question, or summing up the previous several hours, or months.

Read it all - hilarious.

Aftermath of Turkey coup attempt will be bloody and repressive

Turkey is no stranger to military coups, it has undergone four since 1960. Its powerful military has historically regarded itself as the protector of the modern Turkish state and the vision of its founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It has also devoted itself to Atatürk’s nationalistic and secularist vision, as well as bringing order to the country. The constitutional, historical and cultural basis for its actions has generated resentment and hostility. The army has often abused its powers and has a history of repression and human rights abuses.

When Erdoğan came to power in 2002, one of his immediate priorities was to counter the military. He pursued closer ties with the EU and sought to expand his influence within the country’s institutions. In 2008, the military was severely weakened by Erdoğan in what became known as the Ergenekon affair, a series of trials in which military officers, journalists and politicians were accused of forming a clandestine organisation that plotted against the civilian government. It resulted in prison sentences for senior military members and weakened, if not ended, the military’s capacity to conduct coups as it had done in the past.
Attempted coup in Turkey: what we know so far
Read more

In other words, Erdoğan set himself up for another clash with the military, but few expected it to come so soon or in the form of an attempted coup. The most astonishing thing about Friday’s events was that the coup was even contemplated by military factions, given Erdoğan’s grip on the country. Friday’s coup attempt was by far Turkey’s least effective. The military did not control the media and lacked sufficient support both within its ranks and on the streets. It also signified that Erdoğan’s divide-and-rule policies have worked; that he has tamed Turkey’s once-feared military.

However, it should not have been surprising that a move to oust Erdoğan has occurred. In recent years, Erdoğan has alienated rivals and exacerbated Turkey’s instability for his personal gain. He has exploited ethnic and sectarian tensions, restarted a domestic war with the Kurds and sought to divide the population to garner greater constitutional powers. Erdogan’s dangerous games has brought levels of violence and instability not seen in Turkey for decades.

I saw a bikers for trump guy on cable saying that they will be

protecting the Convention and that Black Panthers with guns were coming along with BLM folks.

He's just another racist A$$hole - either you're pro-gun or anti-gun - you can't be pro-white guns only and not be a racist.

Fugg off Cox.

So how come he was on his way to Germany and then England

but he never left Turkey???

How will Trump exit this race

I still don't believe he is running in November

Serious question --did Cruz and the Dump Trump posse

just pull off a coup and select Don the Con's VP?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahha Don the Con spent the night trying to get out of the

Pence pick - breaking on GEM$NBComcast

Excuse me while I wee wee up myself with laughter - this campaign is a fugging disaster on steroids
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