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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 236,959

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What happened after the US ran from Vietnam? n/t

Apparently no one told American politicians that America is at war

with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and on and on and on and on.

Stop the fucking wars if you really care about the killing of innocents.

Why didn't that RETHUG hack Nicole Wallace ask Christie if it's true

that he locked up Don's the Con's daughter's father-in-law?

Never forget - Newt Gingrich thinks school children (nine year olds) should work as school janitors


Last Friday, during an event at Harvard, Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich offered up a modest plan for alleviating poverty in the United States. It was time, he said, to relax our "truly stupid" child labor laws. In particular, schools should fire their unionized janitors, and hire children as young as nine to do the work instead. Per The New York Times:

"You say to somebody, you shouldn't go to work before you're what, 14, 16 years of age, fine," Mr. Gingrich said. "You're totally poor. You're in a school that is failing with a teacher that is failing. I've tried for years to have a very simple model. Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they would have pride in the schools, they'd begin the process of rising."

This suggestion is, on its face, insane. It sounds like a bad Stephen Colbert joke. But if you stop and consider its merits for a minute or two...well no, it's still quite insane. And if you spend an evening researching the nitty gritty of what public school custodians actually do for a living, it turns out to be downright cruel.

Have DUers ever heard anyone in the media ask if Don the Con

is trustworthy???

Holy Shite - Andy Murray refuses Serena Williams in traditional champions dance

Interestingly, Murray refused the traditional champions dance with Serena Williams, joking that he had not nearly had enough to drink yet.

“The next winners can try it again but no dance for me tonight unless I’ve had a few glasses of champagne. And then it’s possible.

“It’s a nice thing to do but it never really happened this year, and I was just lucky to leave the stage in one piece,” he said.
This year’s celebrations were a stark contrast to the previous event where Williams and Novak Djokovic danced together to the tune of Night Fever by the Bee Gees.

Williams had previously been at Cafe Royal for another party hosted by British Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton, fresh after she forged a place in history by equalling Steffi Graf’s record of 22 grand slam titles.
Hope there's a real Queen's boo to greet him in September
Fuck you Andy Murray - it's 22 to three and you're lucky Nadal is injured, Federer is aging and Djokovic had a bad few hours.

Say one thing for the Brits - they don't mince words - they did carve Cameron to bits


What M$greedia is not reporting today

Trump's plane broke down last night - that's why he stayed over

That is all.

I am waiting for M$Greedia to explain how the man who pushed the

birther movement and whistled loudly about Obama being a Muslim now stands up on a platform and says that Obama divided the country and he will be the healer in chief .

Until someone from said media has the balls to shout STFU you divisive racist LIAR - they can all fuck off.

This - How did Denmark become a leader in the food waste revolution - versus This -

Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests

Bach and a group of volunteers sell to 100-150 locals each week, and are at the grassroots end of Denmark’s battle against food waste, which is one of the most concerted in the world, and has cut waste by a quarter since 2010.

“Customers include those on benefits, refugees, low-income families – anyone really,” says Bach. “We don’t ask their background as many people need help these days with cutbacks. There’s also a big focus on the environment in Denmark – plus we have really high taxes. Danes love to save money and if they can help the planet at the same time, it’s win-win.”

Up the road is Horsens’ Visionary Kitchen where volunteers prepare free meals from shop-donated food that has reached its sell-by date. At volunteer-run food bank Kolding Madhjælp, pallets of supermarket produce that have been wrongly marked and might otherwise be destroyed are stocked alongside surplus food from a nearby hotel. Copenhagen’s first food waste supermarket, Wefood, has been such a success that a second is planned for Aarhus in 2017.

Startup Too Good To Go tackles waste from Danes’ favourite weekend institution: the all you can eat buffet. An app pairs customers with outlets come closing time, allowing them to fill a box with food at knock-down prices. And at Denmark’s 103 Q8 service stations staff recycle imperfect pastries into romkugler, or rum balls.

Denmark has more initiatives against food waste in Europe than any other state – from awareness campaigns and partnerships to government subsidies for food waste projects. This is largely thanks to Stop Spild Af Mad - Stop Wasting Food – a lobby group set up by graphic designer Selina Juul.

and the US

Americans throw away almost as much food as they eat because of a “cult of perfection”, deepening hunger and poverty, and inflicting a heavy toll on the environment.

Vast quantities of fresh produce grown in the US are left in the field to rot, fed to livestock or hauled directly from the field to landfill, because of unrealistic and unyielding cosmetic standards, according to official data and interviews with dozens of farmers, packers, truckers, researchers, campaigners and government officials.

From the fields and orchards of California to the population centres of the east coast, farmers and others on the food distribution chain say high-value and nutritious food is being sacrificed to retailers’ demand for unattainable perfection.

“It’s all about blemish-free produce,” says Jay Johnson, who ships fresh fruit and vegetables from North Carolina and central Florida. “What happens in our business today is that it is either perfect, or it gets rejected. It is perfect to them, or they turn it down. And then you are stuck.”

Food waste is often described as a “farm-to-fork” problem. Produce is lost in fields, warehouses, packaging, distribution, supermarkets, restaurants and fridges.

By one government tally, about 60m tonnes of produce worth about $160bn (£119bn), is wasted by retailers and consumers every year - one third of all foodstuffs.

bangs head

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