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Omaha Steve

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 06:03 PM
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I was glad to git rid of them, Bernie's office was glad to get them

I called Bernie's Omaha office this morning about getting some yard signs. They said they have plenty of the plastic signs, but are temporarily out of the stands they go on.

Back when I ran for city council (twice) I had yard signs. I still had left over 2 boxes of 100 stands. Packed them in the car.

Went to the dentist first. I got a temp crown. I might have popped out at lunch and I couldn't tell because I was still numb. So I'm going back there at 5.

So I drove to Bernie's office. I told them what I came to donate. I made a lot of people happy. I explained they were just taking up space in my garage.

Somebody walked in the door and wanted to help, but didn't want to do phoning. Can you put signs together and staple them? Sure. The stapling is to keep them from flying off in the wind. So there is a lot more to pitching in than just calling and door knocking.

Anyway Bernie got 200 union made in the USA brackets. I brought home the empty cardboard box to recycle it.

Edit to add I delivered signs to friends on the way home.

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