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Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 09:49 AM
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How long before RW extremists shoot people in your city? Or, is "now not the time" to discuss this..

The culture war has been threatening to turn violent for many years. Hate radio has manufactured thousands of sad nutters who want "to water the tree of Liberty" with the blood of people like us; people not like them.

The act of domestic terrorism at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin today, along with the Unitarian murders in Knoxville, the attack on Gabby Giffords (actually 2 attacks if you count the one to her office), the guy who tried to bomb the MLK parade in Spokane, and the American Front skinheads arrested here in Florida planning to start a "race war," were all acts intended to terrorize...us.

Following Facebook and Twitter today I see no one is terrified by these acts. We're repulsed and saddened that these people who are enabled by the Michele Bachmanns and the Sharon Angles who're calling out "foreigners" and screeching for "second amendment remedies."

We're not terrified. Instead we're sickened that our leaders have been so cowed and corrupted by the NRA that our communities are now supplied with enough arms and ammunition to sustain a violent revolution. We're tired of the excuses for not reigning in this madness.

And we're likely to see more of it, closer to home, because nothing...ever...changes. Because "now's not the time" to have the talk about guns. Because "now's not the time" to reflect on the political dimensions of these killings.

Because "now" is just too damn inconvenient...

Posted by nashville_brook | Sun Aug 5, 2012, 10:12 PM (87 replies)

PAY ATTENTION: a billionaire opines about the 99%, 'You're the prisoners, we're the guards'

I'm supporting our local Earned Sick Time campaign here in Orlando, and I'm being asked a lot about why I think employers would oppose such a common sense measure. Ostensibly it makes sense to allow workers to earn 1 hour of sick time for every 37 hours worked (up to 56 hours a year). Who wants to be served food by someone with the flu?

In talking to elected officials who're campaigning for re-election, the talking point I'm hearing a lot is "no one should butt-in on the employer-employee relationship." As if your employer is a priest or doctor (while they've got no problem with telling your gynecologist how to practice her business).

By and large big business wants you to be threatened, insecure and unable to do anything about it. They want indentured servants -- prisoners, in effect. And as you'll see below in this blog post from Tiny Revolution, they aren't even ashamed to say so.

One of the positive things about our giant economic collapse has been an outbreak of honesty among the billionaires who run America. Now they seem to feel free to express how they truly feel about the rest of us.

Here are the views of David Siegel, timeshare mogul and star of the new documentary Queen of Versailles. He and his wife Jackie first got national attention for their attempt to build the largest house in America, a 90,000-square foot Versailles replica:

David and Jackie have been surprised by the criticism of their lifestyle. “So much negativity. You would think they would be happy for someone living the American dream,” Jackie says. … As for the notion that the divide between the wealthy and everyone else is grotesquely wide, David says: “There’s always been rich and poor, the 1 percent and the 99 percent.” And then he adds, “It’s like a prison. If you only have prisoners and no guards, you’d have chaos.”

So that's pretty straightforward: America is like a prison, and all non-billionaires are the prisoners.

More here -- including how Siegel says he "won the election for George W. Bush"
Posted by nashville_brook | Sat Aug 4, 2012, 09:03 PM (82 replies)
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