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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Western PA
Home country: Earth
Current location: It has to be a dream
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 05:24 PM
Number of posts: 4,295

About Me

I believe in the 99%.

Journal Archives

Noel Casler FTW



Hey Former Guy, Your Coke is showing...



*We Libs pwnd the Midwest elections yesterday.*

*New polls indicate that the QOP lost support Nationally and the Dems gained among those self identifying - 49% to 25%. Historic Number.*

*Bezos supports Hr1 & SR1 and the corporate tax raise implicit in the Infrastructure Bill*

*Patagonia comes out against Voter Suppression*

*Delta clarifies it's repugnance over Voter Suppresion*

*Matt Gaetz is having another Bad Hair Day.*

*I got my 2cd Pfizer dose*

*Former Guy probably misses his Coca Cola for breakfast.*

Holy Two-Face, Batman! 3 Strikes and Yer out, QOP.




BrooklynDad: Drop The MicGaetz


Come and Take THIS Cannon!


GA Gov Brian 'Jim Crowe' Kemp has just set up a 21st Century Voting Right's Alamo.

He has sealed his fate - he and his racist compatriots are going to get crushed and will become a racist footnote in history.

Blue Wave Comin' 2022...All You Fascist's Bound To Lose

You heard it here first.

Sham Candidate BUSTED for Election Fraud in FLA



How a Sham Candidate Helped Flip a Florida Election
The candidate and the man who prosecutors say recruited him to play spoiler in a Florida Senate race last year were both arrested this week.

By Patricia Mazzei
March 19, 2021


Later that day, former State Senator Frank Artiles, a Republican, asked Alexis Pedro Rodriguez by phone whether he still owned a home in the suburban Miami village of Palmetto Bay. Because in that case, Mr. Artiles wanted something else: to put his friend’s property and last name to use in the upcoming election.

The incumbent Democrat, State Senator José Javier Rodríguez, was on the ballot. And Mr. Artiles, a crafty political operator with a dubious reputation, had a plan: to plant his friend as a candidate and siphon off votes that could defeat Senator Rodríguez.

Mr. Rodriguez, a machine-parts dealer who had been struggling financially, agreed to help Mr. Artiles, who promised him $50,000 in return. He switched from Republican to no party affiliation and qualified for the ballot as Alex Rodriguez. He did not disclose that he actually lived far from the district, in Boca Raton, or that the money for his candidacy came from Mr. Artiles.


In November, Senator Rodríguez, an effective legislator who had crusaded for Florida to face the climate change crisis, lost to the Republican challenger, Ileana Garcia, by a mere 32 votes out of more than 215,000 that had been cast. Alex Rodriguez had received 6,382 votes and played the spoiler.


It was a devastating loss for Florida Democrats in a year of Republican successes in the state. It was also the result of criminal behavior, prosecutors say.

On Thursday, Mr. Artiles, 47, and Mr. Rodriguez, 55, turned themselves in for arrest. They were each charged with three third-degree felony charges related to violating campaign finance law, including for conspiracy to make campaign contributions in excess of legal limits, making those excess contributions and false swearing in connection to an election.


But it leaves unanswered the questions of where the money for the scheme came from — the Republican Senate president said the party had nothing to do with it — and whether the funds were tied to secretive dark money that oozed through two other State Senate races last year. Republicans have controlled the state government for more than two decades.

They are SCUM.

Tucker C confronts his worse Nightmare. Trevor Noah: "Oh no".


Former looks fantastic and stronger than ever


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