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Gender: Female
Hometown: Miami, FL
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 10:15 PM
Number of posts: 3,073

Journal Archives

Watching Barbara Buono on Rachel

She really is terrific and would be a welcome relief from Christie. Her new ad which is just hitting NJ now, is excellent. What will it take for get people in NJ to wake up and see Christie for who he really is? I still cannot understand why his numbers are so high. They just ejected Corey Booker after all-might this mean reason to have a bit if hope or am I being too naive?

Thank you, Mr. President. Again.

Thank you for your excellent speech today which hit all of the right points. Thank you for standing your ground and not giving in to the economic terrorists who are still, even after the damage they inflicted these past 2 weeks, determined to undermine your presidency and our country and care only about their own egos. Thank you for continuing, in spite of dealing with a completely incompetent GOP lead Congress, to focus on the values that Democrats believe in and reminding the country that "the government" is not something to be feared but something that supports each and every one of us. There have been instances when I've been frustrated with you and with some of your decisions (like giving in on single payer although I understand there were reasons for doing so), but today I am reminded again, of how happy and proud I am to have you as my President and how fortunate this country is to have you as our leader.
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