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Gender: Female
Hometown: Miami, FL
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 10:15 PM
Number of posts: 3,073

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Three weeks home post Auto-Stem Cell transplant

Doing pretty overall honestly. Totally exhausted most of the time and still needing at least one nap a day. Am doing my best to get some type of walking in every day even if it's just in the hallways. Never had this level of tiredness before but it's to be expected. Appetite is totally gone most of the time- occasionally I'm a wee bit hungry but not often so I have to find things to eat that are at least interesting enough to get down. Also part of the process. But, I was thrilled to leave the hospital (needless to say) after 3 weeks. Was a very intense journey- I wound up having some bizarre infection and had to be moved to the ICU for a few days (but it cleared up) and there were some touch and go moments (most of which I do not remember thank goodness). Very blessed to have my sisters with me (they took turns flying down from Boston and NY) and a parade of friends who visited and the care at Sylvester Cancer Center was extraordinary.
It's going to be a long haul- many months before I start to feel normal again and lots of restrictions on diet, being out in public, special cleaning rules and regulations, etc. But my doctor, who heads up the team at the transplant unit at Sylvester, is very pleased and sees no reason that this will not mean a cure.
Anyway, I'm home, on my sofa, watching old movies and celebrating what I hope and pray, is the end of this horrific chapter of my life. Ready to plan some great vacations next year!
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