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me b zola

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La La La, I can't Heeeeear Yoooouuu

This has been the conservative response to President Obama's remarks today on the Travon Martin case and all of the issues that revolve around race in Martin's death and subsequent trial of Zimmerman that has lead to conservatives digging in their heals to their ideology of not wanting to hear people that don't "look" like them. As a non-African-American, it has been embarrassing, frustrating, and infuriating to hear other non-African-Americans stick their fingers in their ears, refusing to hear our Black brothers & sisters experiences and histories. Most people who consider themselves progressive are embarrassed and frustrated by this, wishing that others would open their hearts and their ears and actually listen to the reality of our African-American brothers & sisters.

What President Obama did today with his presser is easily one of my top five favorite things that he has done since becoming president. He reached out to those of the unreceptive audience of Caucasians who don't understand why some Black folk and others are upset with the outcome of the Zimmerman Trial. This was met with an immediate "push-back" from conservative commentators who condemned him for speaking his truth."SSHHHH, can't say that outloud..."

I have to tell you that this very much reminds me of the struggle of adopted people. Some(many) adopters and people whom love adopters take a defensive pose at the thought of an adoptee speaking their truth. When we speak our truth about our identity being stolen from us it met with a stark and saddening response. As other minority groups, we don't all believe the same things and have different outlooks, but the one thing that almost all adult adoptees agree on is that we deserve the same rights as others, so we demand our original birth certificates. It has been quite shocking to me to see the sentiment raised against our civil rights have such strength and hostility.When you see African-American conservative judge Larry Elders speak about how African Americans should be racially profiled(on Piers Morgan Show), and you are outraged by that, please keep in mind that this is how adoptees feel when one of their own are quote about how their second class citizenship is just fine with them.

Thankfully, the adoptee rights movement also includes adoptive parents who love their "children" enough to know that they are entitled to...and fundamentally need...to know their origins, history, DNA, and culture. I encourage others to drop what they think they know about adoption (from adopters point of view), and listen to adoptees.

Please listen to people who tell their stories. It may well break down long held beliefs that you hold, but if those are misinformed beliefs, wouldn't you like the truth?
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