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me b zola

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Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 09:06 PM
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Nancy's Daughter

My genealogy research has been a bit stunted. I was adopted at birth, so I (as others like me) have had more of a challenge than most. Last January I finally found and spoke with my mother! I spoke with her on the phone at least once a week until I finally made the trip to meet her just recently.

Frankly, the very last thing we talked about was the family tree, at least formally. Throughout our conversations family history that I was not privy to until finding her was woven into our conversations. Apparently I look and behave like Aunt Natalie, although Mom's and my similarities were pretty mind blowing.

My mother is 5'3", her mother was 5'2", yet at 5'8" I am the "runt" of the litter! My sister closest to me in age is 6' foot So much about us is so similar, from mannerisms, to the manner in which we speak, to outlook on life...we are family. I am no longer a mutant, a weirdo, I come from people just like me. I am Nancy's daughter. For right now that is enough.
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