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Rachel Rostad - "Names" (NPS 2013)

My heart breaks for this young woman, like so many others like her. No one knows if her birthmother truly never named her, or received communications from her. Anything is possible, but women don't generally give birth without a connection to their offspring. I've heard countless adoptees from China, Korea, and Africa that were told stories that simply were lies. They were told their parents were dead, but when they pressed to find the truth their mother had been looking for her child for decades.

Its a lot to take in. Just listen to it a few times.

Anti-adoption activists defy popular opinion


An entire movement, it turns out--fighting with a primal passion to expose what activists insist is adoption's darker side: The lifelong trauma of women coerced into surrendering babies. Adoptees denied their heritage. And, they say, a billion-dollar industry that focuses more on money than youngsters' welfare.


"Offering up fake parents is not serving the best interest of a child," DelBalzo said


"I've never seen anyone more scared and vulnerable than a pregnant woman without resources," he said. The problem is, "if they ask for help, more than likely they are advised to give up their child."


For instance, adoptees often are told their mothers made a loving choice to give them a better life. "But a lot of adoptees have said they feel like a nine-month abortion, which is exactly the opposite of what their mothers wanted," Frisch said.

~more @ link...please read~

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can view the purchasing of an infant as anything other than human trafficking.

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