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me b zola

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Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 09:06 PM
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Fuck Frankie AND Grace

At the very beginning of the series Frankie and Grace I was given the warning flag. Frankie, an aging hippie-type had adopted two children, one Black and one white. From the beginning the red flags and sirens were blaring. Ugly stereotypes in place, aye. But I watched the show because it was otherwise a very well done and entertaining show. But then, Ugh.

So the wacky, drug/alcohol addicted adopted son decided to search for his natural mother. From there all of the most nasty stereotypes about mothers of relinquishment were released upon the audience. Fears of a "crack whore" for a mother was told to the audience. Gee, that's fucking original.

Then the natural mother came. The show created a cartoon character to be the natural mother. That was bad enough, but then they had Frankie physically abuse the woman and tried to make that seem amusing. NOT. And it only got worse from there.

Dear Hollywood. Please leave adoptees out of your story lines. We are not liberal bonefides to define other characters. We are human fucking beings and your fucking betrayal of us is nasty and insulting. Just fuck off with your idea of adoption, as it has nothing to do with the voice of adoptees, just the voices of those who love to adopt.


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