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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly region, Pennsylvania
Home country: USA
Current location: Philly region, Pennsylvania
Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 16,230

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What is securefamily.org?

I just saw this ad on MSNBC:

It definitely has a bad smell to it:

The evil government making life more difficult.

All hallmarks of some kind of corporate disinformation.

So I decided to research a little further. I checked ownership of the domain securefamily.org.


It shows that the registrant name is AALU and the contact email uses the domain aalu.org.

If you go to http://aalu.org/ you'll see that it's an organization of life insurance professionals. Interesting. Why is the insurance industry oh so concerned about your financial plans?

On securefamily.org, they ask you to "TELL CONGRESS TO FIX THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR FIDUCIARY REGULATIONS" and they make it easy for you to send a form letter to Congress asking them to do so.

They don't explain what exactly these regulations are except to say that it will limit your access to certain types of investments and information about investments. I'm pretty sure that what's really happening is that the regulations will stop them from selling you bad investments and giving you misleading information.

Anyone know what this is about? What are these new regulations and why is the insurance industry trying to mislead us into opposing them? Considering how desperate the insurance industry appears to be to stop them, they're probably something that we want. If we can determine that these regulations are actually a good thing then we should support them.

The form at http://securefamily.org is prefilled with the message they want you to send to Congress, but it is possible to customize your message before sending it. You can entirely replace the message with your own. If these regulations are in reality a good thing for the average person, then we should all use the form to send a message supporting the regulations instead of the message they want us to send.

Anyone know anything about these regulations?
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