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Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 03:14 PM
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Thanksgiving in a plague year

I知 thankful for living in an advanced society that can develop and test a vaccine for the current pandemic in, relatively speaking, no time flat. I知 grateful for living in a rich country, where I can afford to live with some security, and where medical care is provided for me in my retirement. I知 thoroughly grateful I don稚 need much medical care, but happily roam around doing what I want and buying small things, like gifts, and lamp components so I can pursue my latest interest, lamp repair. I am delighted with YouTube and its hosts of instructors, some of whom are very good, and all of whom save me money. I am grateful to The Internet, which provides me with information, news, ways of connecting with people across the planet, and a very efficient way to shop for stuff the local stores can稚 provide. The internet allows me to satisfy all curiosities, large and small. I知 grateful for Dr. Anthony Fauci, who tells me what痴 going on without exaggeration, or editorializing, and with sympathy. I知 grateful for every public servant and private scholar with integrity and good will. I知 grateful to my local restaurants, who are still alive: I知 happy to let one cook me Thanksgiving dinner, and others who let me take out lunch, as I try to keep the local economy alive without the budget Congress has to play with. I知 grateful to all honest contractors and all their skills, who help me keep my house and car running (especially those who can persuade a car window to close despite its computer and little motor being dead). Library! My library is open!

At the end of this plague year, I知 conscious of just how lucky I am, and how the forces of cynicism encourage us to forget we have all this, right this red hot minute: with a cure for the plague in the pipeline, but not here yet. I知 delighted with the creativity being shown by people working on cures, and medical staff working on patients, and business people who want to stay in business, and artists who figure out how to sing and dance for cameras rather than people. These people can稚 be kept down, and when they reach the end of their lives, I hope someone will tell them how proud they should be of themselves.

Be proud of yourselves, people: the conditions for fighting the good fight have been crappy this year, but we have won a major battle, and many smaller victories are ours for the taking. Remember to take a medical person out to dinner as soon as that can be done safely. Get them wine, and toast them!
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