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Gender: Male
Hometown: Pa/Md
Home country: USA
Current location: Some have said not earth :shrug:
Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 04:27 PM
Number of posts: 26,449

Journal Archives

As a Bernie Supporter, I totally trust Hillary!

I trust her to do the right thing as she sees it on a bunch of different issues.

I trust her to mitigate the damage that a popular uprising will do to the profits of large banks.

I trust her to protect the profits of health insurance companies.

I trust her to enable big pharma to continue price gouging.

I trust her to resist efforts to improve incarceration rates and eliminate for profit prisons.

I trust her to expand the H1B visa program and protect tech executives profits.

I trust her to implement practical reforms to SS and medicare which will limit benefits and keep the cap.

I trust her to fill her cabinet with warmongers, CIA operatives and wall street billionaires.

I trust her to work to keep the minimum wage as low as possible.

I trust her to protect Big Oil from lawsuits over damages from fracking operations.

I trust her to maintain the militaristic bent of policing in the US.

I trust her to vigorously help the little people so long as it doesn't interfere with the above list.

Most of all I trust her to run a dirty campaign full of half truths and surrogates stating downright lies about opponents.

Hillary is totally trustworthy.

The thing I can't figure the fuck out

The universal complaint about politicians is that you can't trust them and they don't tell the truth. This is a fundamental construct underlying the spin that camp weathervane employs.

So why the hell wouldn't you support someone who actually is honest and trustworthy? A once in a lifetime candidate.

It puzzles the fuck out of me.

Where does a Hillary nomination lead?

Let's say for discussion that the invisible thumb of the superdelegates overcomes the popular vote and Hillary is nominated.

This sets 2 things in motion:

First the disaffected vote is lost. Bernie is motivating many who have given up on elections, and those who have never voted. Those votes would evaporate for Hillary.

Second, the Teabag element would be entirely motivated to vote against her and get out the vote bringing all their dirty tricks along.

So let's further say that in the face of that she manages to win a hard fought election by a narrow margin.

Hillary is like crack to the teabaggers. How many days in office will she enjoy before a Benghazi committee on steroids comes knocking at the white house door? I doubt she makes it a week.

Is that a sensible woodchuck's definition of winning?
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