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Gender: Male
Hometown: Pa/Md
Home country: USA
Current location: Some have said not earth :shrug:
Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 04:27 PM
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Seems to me that most of you don't get it

To my beloved Berners, a lot of you don't get it! From the gloom and doom woe is me tone of what I'm seeing, man get with the program, eh?

To Camp Weathervane judging by your gloating and passive aggressive don't gloat, oh, hell it was pretty fucking clear from the start of Bernie's campaign that all y'all don't get it.

It's actually pretty fucking simple. That is, the it that your not getting:

Bernie's campaign is about putting a progressive in the white house, and a progressive majority in the Congress

We intend to put Bernie in the white house in this election. That's a yuuuge task. We are running a hard and enthusiastic campaign. We might not get it accomplished this election, but there is still a path. So what if we don't? Bernie has never even insinuated that we will should stop. Win or lose the nomination, or the Presidency, where has he said that will be enough?

We. Will. Not. Stop. You best get used to it. Ain't going nowhere.

The worst case in this cycle is there are a few progressives that will do well and get into Congress. People will notice their success. Do you think that anyone in the DNC, DLC of yore, or upper echelon wanted to be responding to calls for single payer before Bernie ran? I don't remember it. I remember that Social Security was on the table no so long ago. It's now once again the third rail of American politic and someone who is not Bernie was recently talking about the need to strengthen it. We the people have had a taste of what a moral leader that has some foresight could be, and damn that shit is tasty!

We have defined the issues in this election cycle. You have to respect that. The big guns do, which is why they are fighting us tooth and nail.

The message for everyone to absorb once you chill the fuck out and think about things, is that we are the future of the Democratic party and if the party fails us, we have hit the critical mass to take our ball and form our own party which doesn't play Calvinball with nominees.

We who recognize that we are the future know that we are one, maybe if we're lucky, two generations away from that habitability tipping point. There is only one candidate who takes it seriously. That by itself is worth making him large and in charge because we have to act yesterday on this.

So you are left with a choice. You can embrace us wholly and get on board turning our country back into the heartland where we care for each other or you can tell us to fuck off and be crushed in the future.

Remember we were told that the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.

I have no doubt that we will accomplish our goal of having a level field, where we invest in people first. Where bombs are the final resort. I have no doubt we will prevail.

Now it's on the California where we can improve our position in this primary tremendously. I for one am feeling good.

The DNC is effectively another shell company for her highness

The numbers are filed and it appears that what she and her accomplice have been doing is essentially laundering money. I don't know if there's a federal statute, but it seems to me that this is basically what put Tom Delay in the Texas pokey for a long vacation.

Bernie's lawyer lays it out here. PDF

The staff thing is an old shell company trick. You own company A that provides a service to your company B. They do it to skirt income tax because company A pays you a big salary and operates at a loss. In this case it's being done to skirt campaign laws.

Another Domino falls...

My apologies, this showed up on my FB page and I didn't check the date. This is from January.

S.C. Rep. Bamberg to switch endorsement from Clinton to Sanders

South Carolina state Rep. Justin T. Bamberg — the lawyer for the family of Walter Scott, who was killed by a police officer last April — endorsed Bernie Sanders Monday, after initially throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton in December.

in a press conference Bamberg said until now he had not given Sanders "his fair shake” but he now fully supports the Vermont senator.

"Bernie represents bold new leadership and is not afraid to challenge the status quo," Bamberg said. The state representative also addressed criticism Sanders has received about his goals being unattainable.

"We live in the greatest country on earth…we put man on the moon, don’t tell me that we cannot provide Americans the right, the right to health care because that right is a matter of life and death for many Americans," Bamberg said. He added Sanders was also capable of accomplishing free higher education and creating a change in the political system.


Once you actually listen to Bernie...

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