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Member since: Tue Nov 23, 2004, 05:31 PM
Number of posts: 1,113

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Hosting a Debate Watch in Delray Beach July 30

Hi, I'm doing this through the Warren Campaign so
it probably will be mostly Warren supporters, but all
are welcome (Dems).

Here's a link. If you want to come, go to the link and



Hosting a Debate Watch in Delray Beach, Florida July 30!


I'm hosting a Debate Watch Party through the Warren Campaign at my
home in Delray Beach on July 30 starting at 7:30.

Feel free to check out the info on the following link and RSVP through
the link if you want to come.



I think my post was deleted

I posted a video with an interview with Katie Johnson, one of
Trump's accusers, and it received 66 likes, over 5000 views,
and lots of comments, but today it's gone.

What happened?

Katie Johnson video re: grooming by Epstein and rape by Trump

Jeffrey Guterman posted this on twitter. It is long, 29 minutes, but worth the watch.
Katie Johnson reveals how she was groomed by Epstein and his workers and then
eventually raped by Trump. It is very graphic. [link:https://|

Jeffrey Guterman, Ph.D. is a licensed mental health counselor who the secret service
investigated regarding his Twitter account and Trump attempted to block his account.

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