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Gender: Female
Hometown: outside of St. Louis
Home country: us
Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:47 PM
Number of posts: 3,113

Journal Archives

Here is how I see a (Shudder) tRump presidency...

Secretary of State: Jerry Springer
Department of Defense: Hulk Hogan

He would fill the empty SC seat with Judge Judy.

Who else would make up his cabinet?

Some thoughts about Bill Cosby.

I, along with many others of my generation grew up with Cosby. Listening to his records, watching Fat Albert. The sit com in was in was enjoyed by many, many Americans. So, with the latest news, we are heart broken. Not the Cos!! He could not be like that. He was funny and warm and we loved him.

It's like a big crash.

What if, and this could be my age, where I welcome change because I see so much NOT working, what if he stood up and admitted he did these things? He could start conversations among men about rape that they have not been open or comfortable dealing with before. Problems can't be fixed until it is admitted that it is a problem.
I don't know. Something has to start the change with rape culture, couldn't this be a good starting place?

This is just a thought I had and I wanted to see what others think.

In 12 days I will be 50.

I have been on this site since November 2004, pretty much daily. I am going to try to get my post count to 1000 before my birthday.
I find I have been posting more the past few months because I seem to have more time now that my youngest child is almost 20. Even though I do spend a lot of time taking care of my grandsons while my oldest daughter works.

The last goal I had in life was saving enough stamps at the Shop N Save to get a cheesy cheap Rachel Ray bowl. I managed to reach that one. I think I can do this.

Can anyone help me understand...


there have been 8 health workers killed in Guinea, and it does not even seem to make the top stories of the news (granted I don't watch cable or local news, so I could be wrong). But ISIL kills journalists and many people are yelling for war.

I don't get it. I understand that the health care workers were killed by misinformed villagers and ISIL seems to have more structure and are openly saying they want to kill more. Ebola is killing a lot of people, and the workers are there to help them and stop the spread of the disease. We can do a lot to learn more about how ebola starts and is spread and can be prevented, and Obama has tried to send as much funding as he could.

I just don't understand how some people can be so ready to bang the drums of war in the middle east but don't seem to care much about a deadly thing that we could actually stop.
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