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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri Nov 26, 2004, 05:56 AM
Number of posts: 26,554

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my solace has been the bereavement group here ever since my mom passed.


it's not as busy as the bigger forums here but it's given me a place to grieve, release a lot of my thoughts, and it's been a spot where i have gone, brokenhearted, and cried my eyes out as i posted. i've gotten a lot of understanding and acceptance from those who post there. i never really knew about it until i desperately needed to have a place like that. so i guess i just want to remind you that it's there for you.

take it easy, and take it slow.
my heart is with you as you go.

a hug for you and a tight squeeze of your hand

i am so sorry for your tremendous loss
i hope there are friends and relatives that can give you much help, support, and comfort. no matter how prepared we think we are...

love transcends our physical bodies--it is our spirit, our soul. love does not stop or end or die when our hearts no longer beat. love is the thread--the link--that holds us together across the dimensions.

wishing you an abundance of peace and comfort as you begin this journey.

i just read the stories on your link

(i didn't click on other links)


the only phone thing along this line happened years ago -- the day my dad died. he had been on a noisy respirator that had a sound all it's own. after he passed i came home and got on the phone to call a friend and i heard that respirator on the phone line. at this point i don't recall if i heard it over the ringing (my friend never answered, he wasn't home) or if i heard it before the call was connected and began to ring. but it freaked me out to no end!

after that i had two dreams about him--where he was walking better than he had been able to (and no longer using a cane) and the second dream where he walked perfectly and looked happy and healthy.

maybe that respirator sound was kind of a fluke--maybe he was still trying to get his bearings (it had only been 2 or three hours since he died)

my mom and i had a signal for the phone and it's always surprised me that she never signaled me after she took flight. the first couple of years i got a lot of signs from her but never the phone signal we had.
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