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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 09:18 PM
Number of posts: 8,390

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Comey explains to CNN audience just how Trump "eats your soul in small bites."

Couldn't get direct link to video but it's at the link. If anyone can find a direct link to the video clip, please post.

Anderson asks Comey how Trump eats your soul. The audience laughs but Comey is dead serious and proceeds to explain just how Trump eats your soul, and how when he didn't go along with the process, it was the end of their relationship.

Klobuchar on Rachel: "This wasn't meddling. It was an invasion." Finally.

This is the truth and it needs to be the narrative. I know many here have been saying this for a long time.

Rachel: Opening impeachment inquiry could help give House access to info currently

being withheld: Testimony, docs, etc. Whether or not they decide to proceed with impeachment may be a strategy to help get all the info being withheld currently.
Adam Schiff on now.

Nadler live on Rachel now. "This is a lawless administration...we cannot have a situation where

the president becomes a king or dictator."

Lawrence interviewing NYT reporter RE tax story. She wouldn't even hint at who's their source.

David K Johnson asking who kept providing money after Fred Trump died.

Rachel: Where do you get that much money to lose?

Good question.

Rachel: Today Putin stuck his hand up our POTUS's jacket and moved our POTUS's mouth

She just now said that. Only she didn't say Putin; she said the other president who was the subject of the Mueller report. But that wouldn't fit in my title! Much more clever than saying Putin's puppet.

Are you watching Rachel tell why Mueller is extremely unhappy with Barr?

Rachel calling it Barr's wash, rinse repeat cycle.

Turn on Rachel. Bridget Kelly from NJ Bridgegate scandal going to fed prison tomorrow

and says there is something everyone needs to know first. She was set up by CHris CHristie. SHe is appealing to SCOTUS.

Guaranteed to make you smile: A father's heartwarming (and funny!) toast at his gay son's wedding

Because you need something happy!

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