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ANyone watching Rachel on 2010 impeachment of Judge Porteus - Turley as defense, Schiff as. ..

Schiff mkaing the case for impeachment in the hearings. Porteus was impeached; Rachel showed clips of Turley offering BS defense and Schiff as the other side. Schiff was brilliant and Turley was offering the typical BS just like we are seeing now, referring to clear bribes Porteus took as "wedding gifts." SChiff brilliantly called him out on his BS.

Pelosi sure knew what she was doing when she chose Schiff to head things up.

New Yorker: The Inside Story of Christopher Steele's Trump Dossier (new book by Fusion GPS founders)

Great article:

"On Tuesday, two of the President’s most prolific accusers plan to disrupt the narrative by telling their own story. Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the co-founders of the Washington-based private-investigative firm Fusion GPS, which has mined deep veins of muck on Trump for years, at the behest of his various political enemies, will try to throw the book at Trump with the publication of “Crime in Progress: Inside the Steele Dossier and the Fusion GPS Investigation of Donald Trump.”

Fusion was the firm that hired the former British spy Christopher Steele to research Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign. After nearly three years without a word from Steele, while the so-called pee tape and his other sensational findings sparked furious controversy, the former M.I.6 spy speaks directly and on the record about his own part for the first time in the book, an advance copy of which was given to The New Yorker.

Whether Simpson and Fritsch’s score-settling, tell-all account will change any minds remains to be seen, but they present a mountain of evidence that Trump’s dealings with corrupt foreign players—particularly those from the former Soviet Union—are both real and go back decades. Steele’s dossier has been debated, denounced, derided, and occasionally defended almost since the moment it was first published, in January, 2017, by BuzzFeed News, against Steele’s wishes. Although Carl Bernstein helped to break the news of its existence on CNN, his friend and Watergate-reporting partner Bob Woodward dismissed it almost instantly as “garbage.” During impeachment-hearing testimony last week, the former White House national-security adviser Fiona Hill, one of America’s foremost experts on Russia and a professional acquaintance of Steele’s, described the dossier as “a rabbit hole” and suggested that Steele may have been “played.” But the authors defend Steele’s work, and their own, arguing that it has proved “strikingly right.”

As the authors tell it, they became obsessed with Trump almost accidentally. Their involvement in his campaign began as a business proposition. In the past, they had worked mostly for corporate clients, but in 2012 they had also done some political-opposition research on the Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. (They declined to disclose their client.) So, in 2015, as Trump gained momentum, but before he clinched the nomination, Simpson and Fritsch again decided to look for political work. After firing off a quick e-mail to a big conservative donor they knew who disliked Trump, they were hired. They don’t identify that donor but note, helpfully, that he arranged for them to contract their opposition-research assignment through the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative Web site known to be funded by Paul Singer, a New York hedge-fund magnate. Once Trump secured the nomination, however, the G.O.P. donor fled."

Lots more at link.

Turn on Rachel if you arent watching. She's interviewing the Fusion GPS guys. They've

been investigating Trump since 2015. They are talking Steele dossier. They just published a book. They were shocked when Trump picked Manafort for his chair because he already had so much dirt on him.

Edited to add link to great New Yorker article about the book :
"The Inside Story of Christopher Steele’s Trump Dossier"
You will want to read this article. Lots of good info i hadn't heard before!

Today's mental health break - more comedy wildlife photos to lighten your spirits!

A reminder that there is a lot of wonderful in our world.


Anyone need a mental health break? Comedy wildlife photo winners:

Off-topic, I know, but don't you need something funny and cute right now to lighten things up?


Jill Wine Banks: "Whoever thought my organzied crime experience would be as relevant as my...

Watergate experience, but it is." Referring to the impeachment hearings,
on Chris Hayes a few minutes ago.

Amazing photos for a mental health break, because you know you need it.

Off-topic, I know, but don't you all need a happy break?

Amazing photos depict man loading the sun into his SUV

The series of images were taken by his photographer wife, Diana Badmaeva, who aligned him perfectly with the setting sun to make it look like he is carrying the celestial body to the vehicle and stuffing it in.





MOre info and video at link.


Jackson Lee: We can't have this. CHris Hayes: You have it. What are you going to do about it?

Just now RE people refusing to testify. CHris specifically asked what are you going to do about people refusing to answer or to testify? SHe didn't answer. SHe walked around how outrageous it was and said nothing about what they might do about it. I wish Chris had pushed the question. I wish all the media would.

Anyone have another viewpoint on this?

Oregon electeds call it gun safety legislation. Much less inflamatory to gun lovers

than gun control. I was at a town hall about six months ago when our state reps and senator were obviously just transitioning to the new terminology as several times they would start to say gun control and then correct themselves. There were a couple of gun lovers there accusing our electeds of wanting to take their guns away, but the reply was no, we just want gun safety.

It may seem like just semantics, but I thought it was much more effective framing. Lakoff would approve.

I've never seen Rachel as intense as she is tonight. Said she had 2 interviews coming up

that we don't want to miss.
EDited to add: OMG one interview is Peter STruck's attorney.
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