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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Ted Cruz goes to a Yankees vs Astro's game in Yankee Stadium wearing Astro's colors

Oh Dear God 10/22/22 Bund Rally Manheim, Pennsylvania Please tell me this is a put on.


Thanx to DUer Dirty Socialist for posting the story that had this in it.

"He (Trump) will never have another good day." Loser label will haunt him. The law will pursue him.

And if the GOP wants to hitch their fortunes to TFG please do. He is a traitor and his J6 thugs were just the
same as Mussolini's "Black Shirts" and those that still support him we will never get their votes anyways so
fuck 'em. They are un-American racist Christo Fascisti shits.


Former President Donald Trump was issued a subpoena Friday by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. The committee, which voted unanimously on the move, is demanding Trump's testimony under oath and records relevant to the probe into the 2021 attack on the Capitol and its causes.

Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Republican Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming in a letter to Trump cited what they called his central role in a deliberate effort to reverse his loss in the 2020 presidential election, and to remain in power.

"As demonstrated in our hearings, we have assembled overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and staff, that you personally orchestrated and oversaw a multi-part effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election and to obstruct the peaceful transition of power," the letter said.

"You were at the center of the first and only effort by any U.S. President to overturn an election and obstruct the peaceful transition of power, ultimately culminating in a bloody attack on our own Capitol and on the Congress itself," the letter said. The records being sought by the House committee pursuant to the subpoena are due Nov. 4. The subpoena also says that Trump would be deposed on Nov. 14, after the midterm elections.


thanx to DUer BumRushDaShow for posting the longer version

And on this Autumn Evening we all can be warmed by this:

"Jan. 6 Capitol riot committee subpoenas former President Donald Trump."

A GOP Candidate, Was Only Masturbating Near A Preschool Because He Was 'Really Stressed'

A GOP Candidate For Office In Arizona Told Police That He Was Only Masturbating Near A Preschool Because He Was ‘Really Stressed’

According to the officer’s report, Kaufman was parked across the street from a child care center. Kaufman had reportedly covered the windshield with a shade screen, which the officer found suspicious and went over to investigate. To his surprise, he caught Kaufman in the act, and the GOP candidate confirmed that, yes, he was masturbating inside of his vehicle because “I’m really stressed.”


According to Law & Crime, the Trump-supporting Kaufman became active in politics because of COVID, and his Facebook page is filled with attacks on “baby killing leftists” that seem particularly contradictory in light of his alleged crime.

“Nothing is more important than standing against the Godless/ progressive/ left-wing/ socialist/ marxist/ communist/ Democrat Party Movement to destroy America,” Kaufman posted in July of this year along with subsequent anti-abortion and pro-gun rants.


BTW wanna bet he is "a Christian" too.

It is gonna be all gas prices all the time up 'till the election. Fuck that! GOTV

"They" have nothing except for a multi million $ produced lie that high gas prices are the
fault of President Biden and the Dems. This is the same playbook that "they" ran in 2014
with non stop "Stop Ebola and Seal the Border" shit that went away the day after the election.

I was channel surfing from MSNBC (53) up to the Weather Channel (62) and hit Fox (55) and there
was one of Fox's Morning Couch Tumors saying something like, "Are the voters going to take it out
on Joe Biden and his regulations that are forcing the oil companies to raise gasoline prices? Why are
the democrats against domestic energy production?"

* Every single republican member of Congress voted against stopping the oil companies from
gouging on gasoline prices.

* Oil companies are making record profits and have used the war in the Ukraine as an excuse
for their high prices and with some of that money oil companies produce bull shit "green washing"
ads with puppies, happy families, and nature shots all the time saying that Exxon/BP err Shell err
Cheveron err fill in the blank cares about the environment. "We live here too." They also use some
of that money to buy politicians and the media in order to keep the fossil fuel gravy train running
meanwhile the Mississippi River is drying up because of climate change. These men and women of
these energy companies are real life mother fuckers.

Edit: "In the second quarter of 2022, the six largest US oil companies reported profits of $70bn."


* Thousands of acres of land in America has been leased by energy companies for oil production and
the are not drilling on it but all the time blaming environmentalists and politicians for locking up "our
domestic energy sources."

* Joe Biden does not control gasoline prices. Those prices are set in a large part by publicly traded
oil and gasoline price futures.

* Saudi Arabia just cut their oil production in order to help the Republicans in the upcoming elections.

Do you want lower gas prices and a better environment? Vote blue no matter who.

BTW Joe Biden just protected this:

Camp Hale, Colorado. And this will be worth billions over time by helping the local economy, sequestering CO2,
by helping to keeping water and air clean, and by having a meadow of lupines.

Trump knew he was going to lose in the summer of '20

And that is why he ripped out Jackie's Rose Garden. He did that just to be a prick and a sore lower. Just like
he had the basketball court that President Obama used replaced by a tennis court and a building even though nobody in his administration was going to use them in December and January of 2020 & 2021.

He was told that he was going to lose in May or June of 2020.

Crimean Tatars in Ukraine

I think JD Vance just cost himself the election ... lots of Ukrainians in OH


Good to see that Putin and JD Vance are on the same page.

He said that Zelenskyy should cut a deal with Putin and give him some land. And something to the
effect Biden and Zelenskyy forced Russia to attack Ukraine.

Parma, OH will not be happy w/ J.D..

Got a party to go to tomorrow...gotta bring something like "finger foods" ... meat, spicy, or fish

is fine.

Please help.
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