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Trump, A funeral service is a very beautiful moment in history.


Please remember these two names on Mueller's deal w/Flynn. Sammy "the Bull" Gravano & John Gotti

Nobody could get John "the teflon don" Gotti until Mueller cut a deal with the hit man
Sammy "the bull" Gravano and let him off w/a 5 year sentence for something like 20+
murders if he would flip on Gotti. Gotti died in jail doing a life term.


Flynn has been singing like a bird ...

.... and that is what I got from Mueller's filing.

Substantial assistance to the government.

Say Good Bye Donny, Cohen Reveals He Worked With Trump's Lawyers Preparing False Cong. Testimony

Mr. Cohen consulted with White House staff members and Mr. Trumpís ďlegal counselĒ as he prepared for his false congressional testimony, though it did not identify the lawyer, according to the memo. The document did not say if Mr. Cohen was asked to lie, nor did it identify which counsel he spoke with.


Michael D. Cohen, President Trumpís former personal lawyer who has twice pleaded guilty to crimes that have implicated Mr. Trump in illegal or questionable conduct, asked a federal judge late Friday night that he be allowed to avoid prison when he is sentenced in less than two weeks.

In a deeply personal memorandum that expressed Mr. Cohenís contrition and shame, defense lawyers portrayed him as a man whose personal and professional lives had been shattered, and who had harmed himself legally while trying to protect Mr. Trump.


In that plea, Mr. Cohen implicated Mr. Trump in hush-money payments to two women during the 2016 campaign to conceal affairs they said they had with Mr. Trump.

On all the love for HW

Bush v Gore. HW had James Baker fly all over the state of Florida in an Enron provided private jet in order to stop the counting of legal and legitimate Americans vote.

We are still paying the price for those actions.

Daily Kos Has Mueller asked Mitch McConnell what he knew about Trump and Russia? He should

As the nation digests the latest blockbuster developments in the case of the Russian asset in the Oval Office, don't forget the powerful domestic assistance Trump got in this election from Republican leadership in Congress.

If the infamous private musings of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in June 2016 are any indication, Trump's indebtedness to Putin was just assumed. "Thereís two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump," McCarthy quipped, a conversation quickly nipped in the bud by House Speaker Paul Ryan. "No leaks," he immediately interjected. "This is how we know we're a real family here."

That's the assumption Republican leadership had about Trump. And when it became clear after Trump had secured the nomination and Russia was interfering in the presidential election, when the nation's intelligence agencies had that information and presented it to congressional leadership, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell covered it up. The CIA told him that Putin is overseeing an operation to disrupt the election and to help Trump, and here is what McConnell basically said, in the words of Washington Post reporter Greg Miller, who initially broke this story: "'McConnell is basically telling [the CIA], 'you're telling us that Russia is trying to help elect Trump. If you try to come forward with this, I'm not going to sign onto any sort of public statement that would condemn Russian interference. But I will condemn you and the Obama administration for trying to mess up this election.'"

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy all knew about Trump's ties to Putin, suspected his indebtedness to Putin, and knew Russia was trying to get Trump elected. They knew it before the election and they let it happen. They didn't just turn a blind eye, as in McConnell's case, but actively kept the American people in the dark.

McConnell (and Ryan and McCarthy) are not in Mueller's brief as far as we know. They should be. They should be forced to testify about what they knew about Russian influence in the election on behalf of Trump, and when they knew it.

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