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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 66,136

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To all my friends @ DU please be strong this is my last post ever ....

..... or until I return form Western MD and the mountains in 6 days.

New Germany State Park ..... no cell phone or TV ..... cabins have real chestnut panelling.

Lots of snow and brook trout fishing.

And what did the US Government do to the Rosenbergs who sold out America to Russia (Soviet Union)?

They executed them. The people who worked with Russia in order to fix our elections need to wind
up in the super max prison in Colorado. It was and still is treason and we had a coup.


Paul Ryan Keeps It All in the Family

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy said, according to Entous, a superb reporter who heard a tape recording of the colloquy. “Swear to God.”


In the Post piece, McCarthy’s remark is met with laughter, and Ryan cautions his colleagues, “This is an off the record . . . No leaks! . . . All right?”


And then, amid more laughter, Ryan says, “This is how we know we’re a real family here.”

“That’s how you know that we’re tight,” Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, says.

“What’s said in the family stays in the family,” Ryan concludes.

NY Times, North Koreas Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

“It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine

Putin is behind N. Korea getting more advanced ICBMs ….. a few years ago they couldn’t get their missiles to go a few hundred miles and now they have global reach? Putin is gas lighting all of us and trying to take the pressure off of the Trump/Russia investigations.

NY Times https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/14/world/asia/north-korea-missiles-ukraine-factory.html

The studies may solve the mystery of how North Korea began succeeding so suddenly after a string of fiery missile failures, some of which may have been caused by American sabotage of its supply chains and cyberattacks on its launches. After those failures, the North changed designs and suppliers in the past two years, according to a new study by Michael Elleman, a missile expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.


Analysts who studied photographs of the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, inspecting the new rocket motors concluded that they derive from designs that once powered the Soviet Union’s missile fleet. The engines were so powerful that a single missile could hurl 10 thermonuclear warheads between continents.

Those engines were linked to only a few former Soviet sites. Government investigators and experts have focused their inquiries on a missile factory in Dnipro, Ukraine, on the edge of the territory where Russia is fighting a low-level war to break off part of Ukraine. During the Cold War, the factory made the deadliest missiles in the Soviet arsenal, including the giant SS-18. It remained one of Russia’s primary producers of missiles even after Ukraine gained independence.


But since Ukraine’s pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was removed from power in 2014, the state-owned factory, known as Yuzhmash, has fallen on hard times. The Russians canceled upgrades of their nuclear fleet. The factory is underused, awash in unpaid bills and low morale. Experts believe it is the most likely source of the engines that in July powered the two ICBM tests, which were the first to suggest that North Korea has the range, if not necessarily the accuracy or warhead technology, to threaten American cities.

“It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine — probably illicitly,” Mr. Elleman said in an interview. “The big question is how many they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.”

Trump partied with Russian oligarchs at Vegas nightclub shut down over lewd acts involving women ...

Source: Raw Story

.... and urine

A bombshell new report suggests Donald Trump consummated a deal to hold his Miss Universe pageant in Moscow while hobnobbing with Russian oligarchs at a Las Vegas nightclub later shut down over lewd performances involving women and urine.

The future president invited himself to dinner June 15, 2013, with Aras and Emin Agalarov and British publicist Rob Goldstone while presiding over the Miss USA contest his company owned at the time, reported Michael Isikoff and David Corn for Yahoo News and Mother Jones.


Among the clubs regular acts cited by the judge was one called Hot for Teacher, in which naked college girls simulate urinating on a professor, Isikoff and Corn reported. In another act, two women disrobe and then one female stands over the other female and simulates urinating while the other female catches the urine in two wine glasses.


But the clubs management had been made aware Trump was coming and arranged to have plenty of Diet Coke ready for him, and even discussed some special performances for the future president.

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/03/trump-partied-russian-oligarchs-vegas-nightclub-shut-lewd-acts-involving-women-urine-report/

So was this before Trump's 2013 visit to Moscow for his Miss Universe pageant
and so did Putin then know that Trump liked "golden shower" actions and then
set Trump up with a pee pee show that he then filmed?

BTW To me this is still an internet rumor story or until Putin or Stormy drop
some video on "the internets."

Trump's Miss Universe in Moscow was November 9 2013 (well the timeline works)


Steele believed that the Russians were engaged in the biggest electoral crime in U.S. history.


The True Story of Christopher Steele

The New Yorker tells the full story of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele whose memos became the much-discussed Trump dossier.

It's a long read but worth the time. Christopher Burrows is Steele's co-founder in Orbis, a London-based investigative research firm. Glenn Simpson runs Fusion GPS, the Washington, DC strategic intelligence firm that hired Steele to take a closer look at Donald Trump's ties to Russia.


Within a few weeks, two or three of Steele’s long-standing collectors came back with reports drawn from Orbis’s larger network of sources. Steele looked at the material and, according to people familiar with the matter, asked himself, “Oh, my God—what is this?” He called in Burrows, who was normally unflappable. Burrows realized that they had a problem. As Simpson later put it, “We threw out a line in the water, and Moby-Dick came back.”


Steele believed that the Russians were engaged in the biggest electoral crime in U.S. history, and wondered why the F.B.I. and the State Department didn’t seem to be taking the threat seriously. Likening it to the attack on Pearl Harbor, he felt that President Obama needed to make a speech to alert the country. He also thought that Obama should privately warn Putin that unless he stopped meddling the U.S. would retaliate with a cyberattack so devastating it would shut Russia down.

Charlie Pierce, Sam Nunberg Starts Talkling. You Know Who Is Listening


Do it, Sam. Tear up the subpoena on live TV. Burn the shreds and piss on them to put it out. Paint your face blue and dance around the ashes. Be a real pagan, you magnificent crackpot bastard, you.

Sam Nunberg was one of the original Igors who worked in the lab before the monster was ready to roll out. Somebody—Hi, Corey!—found some old Facebook posts and Nunberg was gone long before things really got rolling. But, late Monday afternoon, after Robert Mueller had dropped paper on virtually the entire staff of Camp Runamuck, including Sam, he dialed up Katy Tur on MSNBC and went more than a little bananas. About a half hour later, he popped up on CNN. Basically, Nunberg argued that a subpoena from a federal grand jury is just too damn much trouble and that he’s much too busy to comply and that Mueller should understand that and not put him in jail.


Because, dude, if you don’t, Mueller is within his rights to arrange for an extended study of institutional cafeteria maintenance. There's no Fifth Amendment right not to be pestered for paperwork. (Have the dog eat your subpoena. It’s more believable.) I guess you could speculate that Nunberg's just out there running shiny-object interference for the real crooks, but he didn't sound like it. He sounded like a guy with no more rope to hang onto. I suspect he's not alone.


There’s something genuinely hilarious in the fact that the entire Republican Party handed itself over to this bunch of mooks, and that the logical end of the conservative “movement” turned out to be a vulgar talking yam. But that’s for later, happier days. However, let us return to Sam Nunberg’s televised “episode.” There was one piquant passage that occurred when Tur asked him if Sam thought that Mueller had the goods on the president*.

I think they may. I think he may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that for sure.

So Putin picked our President, Vice President, and the Sec. of State too.

But really what about HRC's emails?


Alex Baldwin Twitter Trolls Trump Totally


The big new bad Russian missile is nothing new ... it is called a MIRV.

And they have been around since the 1970s.

Putin is gas lighting us.


A multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) is a ballistic missile payload containing several thermonuclear warheads, each capable of being aimed to hit a different target. By contrast, a unitary warhead is a single warhead on a single missile. An intermediate case is the multiple reentry vehicle (MRV) missile which carries several warheads which are dispersed but not individually aimed.[citation needed] Only the United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, France, Israel, and China are known to currently possess MIRV missiles.


Reduces the effectiveness of an anti-ballistic missile system that relies on intercepting individual warheads.[5] While a MIRV attacking missile can have multiple warheads (3–12 on United States and Russian missiles, or 14 in a maximum payload shorter-range configuration of the Trident II now barred by START), interceptors may have only one warhead per missile. Thus, in both a military and an economic sense, MIRVs render ABM systems less effective, as the costs of maintaining a workable defense against MIRVs would greatly increase, requiring multiple defensive missiles for each offensive one. Decoy reentry vehicles can be used alongside actual warheads to minimize the chances of the actual warheads being intercepted before they reach their targets. A system that destroys the missile earlier in its trajectory (before MIRV separation) is not affected by this but is more difficult, and thus more expensive to implement.

CNN Money Dow plummets more than 500 points after Trump announces tariffs

Wall Street is worried about a trade war.
The Dow dropped more than 500 points on Thursday after President Trump said his administration will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The Nasdaq and the S&P 500 declined about 1.5% apiece.
Trump's controversial tariff announcement caught investors off guard and immediately raised concerns about retaliation from China or other major U.S. trading partners.

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