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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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A Trump voter is .....

.... somebody who can watch reruns of "Walker Texas Ranger," and be
surprised when Chuck Norris kicks the bad guy in the head.

Trump equals Reagan w/his withdrawal from the Paris deal

As President Jimmy Carter put up solar panels* @ the White House and Ronald Reagan
had the solar panels taken down in 1981 to show to his base that "we don't need that
hippy stuff." Can you imagine where we would be at now if we had stayed the course
and pushed clean green renewable energy for the past 36 years?

And now Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement to show his base that
science and doing the right thing just don't matter.

* If I remember right they were solar water heaters

BTW http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/09/new-york-future-flooding-climate-change.html

NYC is going to be underwater.

LeBron James Foundation will pay $40 million to give 1,100 Akron area kids full rides to college


NBA superstar LeBron James announced his The LeBron James Family Foundation will partner with the University of Akron and JPMorgan Chase to provide scholarships to disadvantage children of Akron seeking to go to college.

According to ESPN, there are 1,100 at-risk children enrolled in James’ I Promise program through his foundation. If these students, who attend Akron Public Schools and are 7th graders, complete the specified grade, attendance and community service requirements throughout highschool, James and his foundation will pay their college tuition.

The first of these students will enter college in 2012 and a single years tuition for the University of Akron today is $9,500. This equates to over $10 million dollars per year, of which James is footing the bill for four years and doesn’t include the rising cost of college tuition, fees, room and board.
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