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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Happy thread ... "Trump is 100% responsible for "the professional fees and expenses."

Trump is 100% responsible for "the professional fees and expenses of the Special Master and any
professionals, support staff, and expert consultants engaged at the Special Master's request,"
Cannon ruled.


I think Judge Dearie salary is already being paid but Trump is on the hook for everything else.

Yesterday was a really bad day for TFG

1) Trish James dropped the hammer on Trump, his family, the Trump organization @ 11:30 AM.

N.Y. Attorney General Accuses Trump of ‘Staggering’ Fraud in Lawsuit


b) E. Jean Carroll plans to sue Trump using new N.Y. sexual assault law


iii) Appeals panel says judge erred in blocking DOJ probe of Mar-a-Lago documents


"Judge Cannon's opinion was dreck."

He will never have another good day.


Guess who was never sued for 1/4 of a billion $s?

BTW A.G. James dropped the hammer today. Sued for 1/4 of a billion $s, the Trump organization
will no longer be able to do business in NY State, Don Jr, Eric, and Princess McPlastic are in the shit
house too, the IRS was put on notice about the Trump organization, and so was the DoJ (SDNY).

11:30 AM: Newsweek, Letitia James' 'Major Announcement' Prompts Trump Fraud Lawsuit Speculation

Donny's really bad week is about to get worse. A.G. James' civil case against Don, his family, and
the Trump organization might be the end of his doing business in NY State.

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced she will make a "major announcement" on Wednesday morning, prompting speculation she is due to give an update on her investigation into Donald Trump's business affairs.

The teasing of the "major announcement" has led to many people predicting that James will reveal new details on her long-running civil probe into alleged tax fraud at The Trump Organization, or launch a civil suit against the former president.

James' office is looking at allegations The Trump Organization exaggerated the value of a number of assets and properties to obtain better loans and other financial benefits.

Donald Trump has frequently denied any wrongdoing, calling the investigation into his businesses a "witch hunt," and accusing James, who is Black, of being "racist" towards him.

There is speculation that the announcement from James will be related to recent reports that the New York attorney general's office rejected Trump's lawyer's offer of a settlement with regards to the investigation, and James is preparing to launch a lawsuit alleging fraud against the former president.


Trump plead the 5th 440 times when he was questioned by Ms. James office last spring about these issues
and in a civil case taking the 5th can be seen as a guilty plea.


So did DeSantis use federal C-19 relief funds via the Florida DOT to fund the planes, the phony ...

.... brochures that promised the Venezuelans $, jobs, housing, and help with immigration, and
to pay for the couple (coyotes) who lied to the Venezuelans to get them on the planes?

That has to break some kind of law or laws.


If and when they dig up Ivana Trump's coffin and they find top secret documents in it will ....

....the MAGA people, Fox News, and Lindsey Graham still support him?


Just asking?

"Earlier surveys showed that about half of Venezuelans in the U.S. live in Florida."

DeSantis' use of those Venezuelans might very well have cost him the election.
I have seen stories that even the Cuban population in Florida is pissed off too.

I hope Christ is running spots in Spanish on Spanish radio & TV and social media sites.

"From 2010 to 2019, the Venezuelan population in the U.S. increased 126 percent to 540,000, more by far than people with roots in any other nation. The top three nations are Latin American, but Guatemala is a distant No. 2 at 49 percent growth followed by No. 3 Honduras at 47 percent.

Earlier surveys showed that about half of Venezuelans in the U.S. live in Florida."


Didn't DeSantis use money from FDOT (that $ was from the federal government and it was supposed to have been
for C-19 relief)to not only pay for the charter planes but for the couple that recruited the Venezuelans with lies about
jobs, housing and help with immigration? The people of Florida should hear that story too.

ATTN Media can you please report the truth about the Trump Events/Bund Rallies?

1) Much of the audience are the same people time after time.

2) Black people behind Trump are paid to be there.

3) Joe Biden had it right when he called them fascists because the MAGA mob that attacked the US Capitol
on 1/6/21 was not any different then Benito Mussolini's "Black Shirts" aka Fascisti who used violence and
mob rule to attack Italy's Capitol in 1922 to install their government which had the support of a minority
of the people of Italy.

The Black Shirts and Mussolini's "march on Rome."

Black Shirts aka Fascisti in Rome.

Trump 1/6/21

Storming the US Capitol by Trump's MAGA Black Shirts.

Is Fox News liable either criminally or civilly for helping out in the fraudulent transporting of ...

.... of those Venezuelans HUMAN BEINGS from Texas and then onto Martha's Vineyard? Because
weren't they told about the operation and had crews filming it. Including having people on the
planes as they were transporting the people. Somebody from Gov. DeSantis' office had to have
given Fox the "heads up" about what was clearly an illegal operation.

Not only should those Venezuelans sue Gov. DeSantis but might they not want to sue Fox News too.

thanx to DUer niyad for spotting a mistake in this post

Under what law or statute is it OK for the Gov. of Florida to con people in Texas into getting onto

... plane with promises of help with immigration and getting them jobs then flying them
to Massachusetts? Hello DoJ?
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