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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Texas man who argued 'masks aren't going to save you' contracts COVID-19, no longer breathes on own

I have just learned that this is an old story. Sorry, they all run together after awhile.

Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes:

Texas man who argued 'masks aren’t going to save you' contracts COVID-19, no longer breathes on own

As the delta variant continues to spread across the country, unvaccinated individuals are facing the worst of it. Many of those who once organized against pandemic safety measures like wearing masks and getting vaccinated are now battling the virus in hospitals. In one incident, a Texas man who helped organize protests against COVID-19 restrictions is fighting for his life after being hospitalized for almost a month, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported.

“He’s not doing good. It’s not looking in our favor,” said Caleb Wallace’s wife, Jessica. “His lungs are stiff due to the fibrosis. They called and said they’ve run out of options for him and asked if I would consent to a do not resuscitate. And it would be up to us when to stop treatments,” Jessica wrote Wednesday on Facebook. “My heart just can’t. I can’t imagine my life without him.”


“Caleb would tell me, ‘You know masks aren’t going to save you,’ but he understood I wanted to wear them,” Jessica said. Jessica told the Standard-Times that she was “less conservative” than her husband and chose to wear a mask. “It gives me comfort to know that maybe, just maybe, I’m either protecting someone or avoiding it myself.”

Founder of “The San Angelo Freedom Defenders,” a group that hosted a rally last year to “end COVID tyranny,” Wallace reportedly helped organize multiple anti-mask and vaccine rallies including one called “The Freedom Rally,” which occurred days before he began experiencing symptoms. The event prided itself in being a protest against the “government being in control of our lives.”


I'm all out of shits to give for these people.

Biden to visit New Orleans to survey damage caused by Ida as death toll climbs

Damn I love that guy!

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to New Orleans on Friday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ida as the storm and its remnants have claimed more than 40 lives across multiple states.

According to the president's public schedule, Biden will meet with state and local leaders from communities impacted by the storm and will receive a briefing at St. John Parish's Emergency Operations Center. He is also scheduled to tour a neighborhood and survey the damage via an aerial tour.


Biden has pointed to the increase in climate events and their growing devastation on communities as evidence of the need to pass his infrastructure proposal, a message he is likely to echo during his visit.

Biden said on Thursday that when Congress returns from recess, he would "press for their action" on his infrastructure agenda that would make critical infrastructure, such as electric grids and draining systems, "more resilient to these superstorms and wildfires and floods that are going to happen with increasing frequency and ferocity."

"We’re reminded that this isn’t about politics," Biden said. "Hurricane Ida didn’t care if you were a Democrat or Republican, rural or urban. Its destruction is everywhere."


Ivermectin: A little problem with its use to treat coronavirus. Any DU doctors or scientists ....

.... please check in and let me know where I am wrong.

Now Ivermectin is used as a dewormer for horses and it goes after parasites and worms in the horse's gut
(digestive system).

The C-19 virus is taken into our respiratory system through the mouth and or nose and then it is taken on down
to the lungs where the virus attacks the epithelial cells and then the person gets the disease.

Even if Ivermectin works on C-19 it goes into the wrong area of the body that needs to be treated when taken orally.

BTW if any anti-vax MAGA person wants to make it work better then they might want think about grinding it up and smoking it.

8/18/21 Florida under DeSantis. Sick people lying on a Jacksonville, FL clinic's floor waiting for

monoclonal antibody treatments.


Free-Dumb Caucus member can not hide his shame of being seen w/Bang Bang Barbie :25 seconds


thanx to Nevilledog for posting this 1st.

BTW that air lift/evacuation will go down in history as great operation. Joe B. along with the US Military, our
allies, and some commercial airlines pulled it off flawlessly. At its peak every 22 minutes a plane was taking
off loaded with people.

An alligator attacked a Louisiana man in an area flooded by Ida.

A Louisiana man was missing and presumed dead after an alligator attacked him on Monday in an area that was flooded during Hurricane Ida, the authorities said.

A woman said that at about noon on Monday, her 71-year-old husband was attacked by an alligator while walking in knee-high floodwaters at their home in the city of Slidell, about 30 miles northeast of New Orleans on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, according to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. Lance Vitter of the Sheriff’s Office said the man had gone to check on his belongings in a storage area below the house.

The woman, whose name was not released, told deputies that she was inside her home when she heard a commotion and splashing. When she went outside, she saw a large alligator attacking her husband, the Sheriff’s Office said.


Does something in the woman's story strike you as a little odd? Click on link.

'You f**king did this': Liz Cheney rips Jim Jordan after Capitol riot


Dr. Mike* (Osterholm) on Morning Joe this am. "Either get vaccinated or the virus will find you."

He was a blunt as he could be saying the virus doesn't care about your race, age, income, and so on because
everybody in America has a choice get the vaccine or you will get the disease.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Osterholm

Look, I know that Afghanistan was a 100% no win after Rummy let Osoma bin Laden walk @ Tora Bora ..

... but the idea that a Russian asset Donald J Trump let go Taliban fighters who in some
cases got paid $100,000 from Russia to kill American troops pisses me off and should piss
of any American who cares about his or her country.

Is it wrong that I (straight guy) have been wearing women's yoga pants?

My local grocery store had them on sale for $9.99 and they seemed kind of like
the work out/X-country ski pants type of thing that I have paid $80 to $120 for
from Patagonia, L.L. Bean, or Nike? I didn't get the flower pattern ones just a
basic black type.

I wear some shorts over the top of them to hide the woman doing her stretching

BTW I'm asking for a friend.
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